new details of Apple iPad Pro rival

We have been listening to rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5, the next rival to arrive to stand up to the iPad Pro of 2019. But, it seems that finally we don't see the light. Just don't think that Apple will have no rival in the high-end tablets. The final name of the next rival of the range of devices of the manufacturer based in Cupertino be Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

S, it seems that the manufacturer leaves the S5 nomenclature for the most decaf model, jumping directly to Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 for the most vitaminized version. And beware, we are not talking about a rumor or a leak, but that the Korean manufacturer has certified in the WiFi Alliance, the American WiFi certification agency.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and Galaxy Tab A 10.1 arrive in Spain to compete with the iPad

In this way, in addition to confirming the final name of the great Apple iPad Pro rival, we can also think that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is closer than ever. More than anything because passing this certification is the final step before launching a product to the market.

Design and features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Respect for the design and performance of the next tablet of the firm based in Sel, say that a series of images that confirm the design of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 have been leaked. In addition, considering the source of this leak, we can give the information quite truthfulness.

Analysis: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e, as is the rival of the iPad Air of 2019

Thanks to the images, we can confirm that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 camera be formed by a double lens system. What does a dual lens system need a tablet for? Obviously, the photographic section is not vital in such a device. But if we talk about a ToF sensor, things change.

Yes, the camera of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 have this functionality, so you can map places through this 3D lens, offering an interesting range of possibilities.

Slot for the S-Pen, Snapdragon 855 processor and much more for the next rival of Apple iPad Pro

Available in gray blue and brown colors, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has a optical pen that can be magnetically attached to the back, to save it in addition to loading this S Pen from the next rival of the Apple iPad Pro.

On the other hand, if the rumors are true, the hardware of this rival of Apple's iPad Pro will be tall. To begin with, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S6 beats thanks to Qualcomm's crown jewel. S, the SoC Snapdragon 855 Being in charge of giving life to this powerful device, which also comes with 6 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 128 GB, and there may be a second version with 256 GB.

On the other hand, say that Android 9 Pie, under the Samsung One UI custom layer, be the interface that we will enjoy this new tablet. And the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 screen? Having a 10.5-inch panel, most likely AMOLED, that could reach a QHD resolution.

And when will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 be presented? It is expected to be presented shortly before the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, as usual by the manufacturer, so you have to have a little patience, since the next few weeks will be very moved.

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