New Huawei phone data revealed with HongMeng OS

It seems that finally the company Huawei I know you intend to launch a smartphone with its own operating system, called HongMeng OS. And this is closer to those who can think. We show the date and also the price that the mentioned work of the firm will have.

The truth is that there are still many doubts regarding the utility to have This development really, since it does not seem that it is finally destined to completely replace Android and, therefore, everything indicates that the intention is to be a parallel development that will also be part of other Huawei products (including his first Smart TV). That is, it can be the Tizen of this firm.

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By the way, according to the source of the information, it seems that the intention of the Chinese company is to put a smartphone on the market mid-range with HongMeng OS and to serve as the first software development platform, something to be announced next day August nine at a developer conference to be held in Guangdong Province (south of China). At that time you can see clearly if the software has the sufficient power to be a viable option in the smartphones of Huawei and, also, in other markets such as that of the automobile or wearables.

Arrival of the first Huawei phone with HongMeng OS

As indicated, the moment in which the firm works to make the first terminal with this operating system a reality in the market, is end of 2019. That is, the development will be quite advanced and, if the usual work processes are followed, the tests in the company itself will have already begun. By the way, some of the details that have been known about work for now is that being compatible with Android applications; its work capacity is up to 60% faster; and, something that is very interesting for the future: to be of open code.

In what has to do with the possible price of the Huawei smartphone that use HongMeng OS operating system, there are not many specific data that have been up to date, but for what it is noted the price that it will have will be quite attractive, since there is talk of reaching 2,000 yuan (The change remains at about 260 euros).

The case is that after the problems that arose between Huawei and the US, it is normal that the firm does not stop at the time of have a Plan B In case in the future (whether near or far), things do not end up being solved definitively.

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