Offers in the Play Store

Having fun is one of the goals you have in summer and, for this, the mobile devices They are excellent allies. With these terminals it is possible to spend good times easily – and anywhere – and, to achieve this, nothing better than to get some free Android games which can now be downloaded at offer.

All the developments that we have chosen are available in the official Google store, so downloading it is as simple and reliable. In addition, the variety of the free Android games that we have selected is very high, so be complicated that you do not get any that allow you to have fun if you are one of those who do not like to take a nap. That's right, don't delay, since the promotions have a limited time.

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The free Android games that you should not miss this week

Without further ado, we leave the links of all the developments in the Play Store for you to enjoy thanks to your Android phone or tablet in the free moments you have this August.

Galaxy Warrior Classic

A lifelong arcade that offers quite attractive graphics and in which the objective is, as it can not be otherwise, kill all the enemies you see on the screen. A lot of combos available and a simple use of the touch screen to control everything that happens. A good development that is perfect for those little free moments you have.

Castle Battle – Castle Defense Multiplayer Game

Clans, races and many fantastic figures. This is what you will find in this title in which the action and strategy merges quite accurately. Defending the castle of your faction is the main objective, and for this you must use all the resources at your disposal, offering an online game of the most interesting. One of the free Android games that are worth it.

Legacy 2 – The Ancient Curse

This is one of the free Android games this week that poses a greater challenge for users. You have to combine the memory with a large deduction capacity, since you have to solve all kinds of puzzles. The three-dimensional graphics with correct, and a make it a particularly demanding development. Fun and for all audiences.

King Rivals Premium

Heroes are the key to this game in which you have to defend yourself against all the attacks you are subjected to. Graphics that are not bad and a fairly high speed when playing what leads to be as accurate as efficient when executing actions with your troops. A development that is much more fun than it seems.

Grow Spaceship

A curious development as a mixture of a different signature arcade and creation. You have to end everything that appears on the screen and, by finishing with the bosses of each level, you can pick up the pieces that it leaves and improve your ship so that it is much more powerful. A game that is not very demanding and does not need Internet, so it is a very interesting option for the little ones in the house.

Magnet Balls 2

Rescue Lucy: Fear Escape PRO

Lost In Dungeon – Rogue like Dungeon Crawller

SCV miner: inactive tycoon

Most Expensive Traffic Rider