Old computer games that are still fun

If the old games you like them, since you are a lover of the retro in what has to do with technology, there are today several titles that remain valid since they are funny and, therefore, allow good times. We show five titles that we believe you should not miss.

The truth is that some developments that already have some years remain valid, since the quality (both in its finish and in the original idea), makes them be only still today. And, therefore, at least trying some of them is very worthwhile to, among other things, know where you are coming from to get to the current moment of the video game industry. And, the best thing is to do this with jobs that currently allow you to have a good time and that many of these games they maintain a community most active.

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By the way, all the chosen titles are executed in computers, so you should not look for options for consoles (more or less old). In addition, in most cases it is still possible to download the development in question, so if any of the retro games We are going to indicate that it catches your attention, it is still possible to achieve it in a fairly simple way.

The old games that we think you should try

This is the selection we have made and that is what we remember to try. Surely in more than one case you get a surprise and, perhaps, it becomes one of these old games in one of the best ways you have when passing the summer:

Grim Fandango

One of the mythical graphic adventures that LucasArts launched and was considered a revolutionary at the time. Problem solving; graphics as attractive as funny; a black humor of the most striking; and, also, a spectacular soundtrack makes this development the most interesting. It is possibly one of the best games in history that is still possible to get in a remastered edition.

Theme Hospital

A management classic who, above all, is fun since you have to create a hospital in which patients have the most curious diseases. Complicated as he undergoes a lot of stress to the player, his humor makes him a game that must always be tested. Its finish is excellent, and the emergency will be a headache. Theme Hospital download.

Fallout 2

One of the beginnings of the open adventure games that are so common today, so I scored a little … with pixelated graphics that many still remember. It has a great script and is not easy, but the immersion is instantaneous, since the characters are very customizable. You can download it here.

Age of Empires

A real-time strategy classic that maintains good health thanks to a community that is very active and continues to play regularly. Complete, with many options and with a good technical finish if you want to know where the developments of this type come from, do not hesitate to try this title since you will surely spend hours enjoying its possibilities. It is still possible to get hold of him.


Shooters are not something that has been invented a couple of years ago. Years ago there are developments such as Doom or Quake. But Half-Life, due to multiplayer games, was one of those with the greatest impact. Many types of weapons; respectable graphics; And a lot of action. A good recipe The truth is that they spent the dead hours with games like this and getting it is still possible. Download Link

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