PC World Special: The 100 best applications for your mobile

From July 15 you can buy in your kiosk, and in Zinio, the PC World Special on mobile phones with which to find the 100 essential applications for your terminal, the analyzes made to more than 15 models of last generation and how to create your own tools.

From how to manage and access your social networks (Facebook, Twitter) to check email, through personal body and mind trainers, applications to chat with friends and contacts, dictionaries, PDF document viewers, currency converters In short , the main tools that will make your mobile phone a true functional device.

In addition, we undergo different tests to more than 15 leading models in our country, such as the new iPhone 3G S or the Nokia N97. We check its performance, battery life, usability, price and device dimensions. We analyze the touch screen, its interface, its features, its strengths and those that should be improved.

These are just some of the contents to be found in the PC World Special on mobile phones that are available to kiosks and Zinio from July 15.

If you want to know what are the applications you have at your disposal, how to install and use them in your mobile phone or what accessories you can find for your terminal, PC World gives you your PC World Special on mobile phone with the 100 best applications for your device.

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