Pokmon Go celebrates its third anniversary with gifts and benefits

It was July 2016, it started a summer morning like any other, the heat was still bearable despite the sun beginning to rise and we all woke up with a story that revolutionized our smartphones: Pokémon Go Apk for Android was already operational. It took minutes to go out to the mobile street in hand to find the first Pokémon. And days later the game achieved such success that even the grandparents walked in search of Charizard, Bulbasaur and company.

Do you remember the first one you played Pokémon Go? Whether you like your console games or not Niantic He got the franchise to reach the whole world with a title that not only paid tribute to the Pokémon, but also encouraged the sport and, unfortunately, the distractions. And now, when they are about to be fulfilled the three years on Google Play, Pokémon Go celebrates it with a special anniversary event.

Variocolor Pokémon available, festive Pikachu, raid bonus… The new event has already begun

Given that turning three years in top form is an achievement for any mobile game, in Niantic they throw the Pokéball out the window with an event in which players will not only gain advantages by entering the virtual world of Pokémon Go, but special creatures will appear which can be added to the Pokédex to keep them forever.

It is not one of the events where Niantic He has given away more objects and game elements, but he has chosen a varied selection of novelties that will enrich Pokémon Go during the two months of celebration. They are the following:

  • As of today June 28 we can meet the Alola variocolor Pokémon.
  • Until July 6 a Pikachu with festive hat It will appear on the map so you can get hold of it. It will also hatch a Pichu with the same festive hat.
  • Until September 2 there will be special investigations for those players with level 10 or higher. Once completed, the adventures will restart, making it a good time to catch up in terms of Pokémon research.
  • The raid bosses will give away Honor Balls as a bonus when we catch them. Further, defeating them will be something easier (Until September 2nd).
  • Exchanging Pokémon will cost a 25% less dust Until September 2nd.

You know: if you were looking for an excuse to return to Pokémon Go Your third anniversary is a very good reason. All the news is already active in the game.