Pokmon Masters on Android, new combat game available soon

With the summer comes a time when we all take the opportunity to rest and also to end those games to which we can not devote enough time the rest of the year. It is logical that companies take advantage of the summer to release their titles; how will he do The Pokémon Company Soon, go preparing your Pokéball.

As you read: we will have new Pokémon game shortly. The mechanics move away from augmented reality and the location of new creatures to focus on coaches and fighting. Since in Pokémon Go These fights are not very elaborate, why not develop a new game where to expand the theme?

Three-on-three fights where the most recognized trainers and Pokémon will be beaten

Pokémon Masters It is the name of the game. It is not alien to us because The Pokémon Company He already advanced it in his last press conference, but now we know concrete details of how it will be, his mechanics and also where his graphics will walk. For this we have some catches and also a video with gameplay.

The entire game takes place on the artificial island of Passio. There the 3C3 multiplayer fighting and also the whole story that will relate the player to the rest of the coaches. Make friends, develop strategies with the chosen Pokémon and fight, this is the key. These fights are carried out in real time and making teams in order to gain victory in the World Pokémon Masters.

The new game of Pokémon for Android promises a more exciting experience without neglecting collecting since it will be key to plan the strategy with the best Pokémon found. The title will soon be available, but for now we do not know the specific date: The Pokémon Company gives summer as the only clue. Hopefully it will not be delayed excessively: we will be attentive to the Google Play Store to bring it to you as soon as it is available.