Professor Layton and Pandora's box, mental challenges on your Android

Those who have a portable Nintendo console, and love puzzle games, surely they have ever played the titles of Professor Layton. They are games of ingenuity and logic surrounded by a solid plot that are enriched with anime sequences; achieving a combination as charismatic as quality. And the best thing is that Level 5 is porting them to Android.

After the first installment of Professor Layton on mobiles, and after other games inspired by the franchise, Level 5 has decided to bring Pandora's box, another great game of the Nintendo DS. The keys and mechanics remain intact in the jump to Android; offering a complete adaptation to the use with the finger while improving the resolution of the entire game. It is certainly a must buy for anyone in love with the "point and click" games that are resolved with multitude of ingenuity tests.

Professor Layton and Pandora's box reaches Android full and at a cost of 10.99 euros

As a console game that is, and despite being adapted to mobile phones, the developers maintain the same extension to the original title, the same number of puzzles, characters and, of course, the original animations remain as well as the Spanish dialogues. Professor Layton and Pandora's box is a console game with all of the law; so it also has a cost, something exorbitant if we take into account the average in mobile games (although cheap if we value that it is a console game).

Professor Layton and Pandora's box makes use of the vertical view on the phones to emulate the double screen of the original Nintendo DS. The controls are tactile, both when looking for clues in the scenarios and to solve each of the more than 150 puzzles included.

Mental challenges, mini-games, a sufficiently extensive plot, recognizable characters and notable charisma, completely in Spanish with voices in that same language … Professor Layton and Pandora's box It is a mandatory recommendation, even in spite of those 10.99 euros that it costs: few mobile games you will find with that quality and that love for detail. And complete: it lacks in-app purchases and, of course, it has no ads.

Although the game is announced for Spain, as of the publication of this article it is not yet available in the Google Play. Hopefully it will appear shortly: do not miss the opportunity to play it. Or to replay it if you already had it on the Nintendo DS …