Secure passwords, the key element to protect privacy

Internet has been confirmed as a great option to take advantage services easily and from any place. An example is accessing email or cloud storage services where different files are stored, which can range from photographs to text documents. Therefore, it is a great idea to use secure passwords to prevent unwanted access to data.

There are many factors that influence when it comes to being safe when surfing the Internet, such as the use of a router that includes great protection options. But, without a doubt, the use of character strings that offer a security High is essential to protect the information that is used online so that it is growing. And, unfortunately, despite the news that is known regarding leaks and the low protection that users get when using repetitive or predictable passwords, the panorama At least in Spain, it has not changed much in recent times when using secure passwords.

Some of the most common failures that are usually made when establishing a password in your online services are the use of the same option in several places; use words or strings of characters that have to do with personal information (an example is the month of birth or the name of the pet); unusual use of special characters, such as the pad and even numbers are not a bad choice; and, in addition, a password change is not carried out after a while to prevent unknown leaks from affecting the data accessed from the platform in question. All these are failures that can be solved easily and the truth is that the level of protection rises considerably.

Tips to create a strong password

Although it may seem a lie, it is not especially complicated to create a secure or miscellaneous password – to use it in different services on the Internet. Just follow some recommendations so that in a matter of a few minutes you have a good list that allows you to be calm about not being especially easy to find all the characters that make up the security word and that is used as a gateway to access data and options that are important and secret both in the field personal as in the professional.

Here are some creation tips that we believe are important to follow to achieve a password that don't have cracks Regarding security:

  • Always use a combination of letters including large- and numbers. If possible, a symbol should not be missing, such as the dollar or arroba
  • The minimum number of characters that should have a good password is ten, so it is advisable to join two or more words without spaces – that form the password
  • Do not use common words, even if they are in another language, when generating a password. These are the first ones that are tested by hackers.

An example of creation and that can be taken as reference is to choose a phrase of something that we remember in a concrete way, for example The year of my father's birth was 1934 in the month of June and, use the first letter of each word. In this example The password will be as follows: Eadndmpf1934elmdj. Complete and difficult to decipher, right?

And remember, change periodically the password that you use in the different services since in this way you will be much safer so that you are not affected by the thefts of passwords regardless of whether they are known or not.