Solid Explorer is the best file explorer for Android Q

Solid Explorer is for many the best file explorer for Android, and again demonstrates it by adapting to the demands of the new version of the Android system, even before the final version. We tell you the news that this excellent application has received recently.

Specific storage, what is this Android Q tool for?

File applications are one of the most affected by the news of Android Q. One of the reasons is in the new requirement, called «Scoped Storage»or «Specific storage». This type of storage stands out for offering only storage to a specific system directory.

For example, if we use an application that should only have access to a specific folder to access the files it needs only. The application may not at any time have access to the higher directories that are at a higher level.

This displays the specific storage permission in Solid Explorer.

What is the use of specific storage? Google conceives this new tool as a measure of privacy. If an application needs to use the storage, we can see from the moment we give permission to what level you have access to our files. For example, if an application tells us that it needs storage to store files, but wants to access the directory that gives access to all folders, it should make us distrustful.

Solid Explorer is already adapted to Android Q

In this sense, file browsers such as Solid Explorer do not make sense that they have this type of access. After all, the specific storage that a file browser requires is the entire global storage.

And why Solid Explorer has added this function if it is useless? because as of a certain date, it will be mandatory that all applications published or updated on Google Play make use of this storage.

In addition to the new storage permissions, we have integration with the dark mode.

What conclusion can we draw from the Solid Explorer news? In Android we usually criticize the laziness of many developers, which take months or years to adapt to the latest news because there are few users who have the latest version. So the mere existence of developers who update their apps as quickly as possible is a reason to review their good work.

That a developer adapts to the novelties of the system with such speed is worth mentioning.

In addition to these new permissions, It should be noted that Solid Explorer is also adapted to the dark mode of Android Q. If we have the device theme clear, the application will be in light mode, and the same for dark mode. The mode changes automatically, integrating at the system level.

Solid Explorer is a free application that allows us to try the Pro options for 14 days. The Pro version costs 2.99 euros, although at the moment it is on sale at 1.99. If you are looking for a good file manager, it is a great alternative.