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More and more users are looking to get independent headphones for their day, including those times when they go out to play sports. And since there are not many who fit Apple AirPods, there are other models such as Creative Outlier Air. We have tried them and we indicate what they offer.

These independent headphones, that is to say that each sound element is used separately, they offer different virtues that make them a sober choice. Even, in some sections we believe that they are the best that can be found today especially taking into account the price it has since we talk about an accessory that is possible to achieve by 80 euros. Therefore, we talk about a product that offers a more than acceptable quality / price ratio.

Something that we think is important to indicate is that Creative Outlier Air offer IPX5 water protection, which means that sweat and rain is not a problem – and differentiates them clearly and for good – with the Apple model. In the tests that we have performed in the usual use, we have to say that the results are optimal since we have not noticed degradation some nor in its sound quality does not finish its matter. That is, you can be completely sure in this regard.

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Creative Outlier Air design

Aesthetically these headphones are quite attractive, with a good quality plastic finish and offering different pads to fit the user's ear. Illumination elements (circular LEDs) are included, which by means of the type of blinking and color allow to know the status of the Creative Outlier Air at all times. We haven't had big problems for fit properly, but being in a diagonal position in some cases – especially in the hand – you may have the feeling of poor stability. It's not really like that.

Despite integrating an independent battery inside, it is important to comment that the headphones are light and so they are noticed when using them (each weighs only 10 grams), which is especially appreciated when doing sports with them. Something is left outside the ear since the handling that is given to the Creative Outlier Air is not by gestures you have to press the button that integrates each of the elements in the central part. And, here, it is important to indicate that the pressure to be performed is somewhat higher than expected, so it is not the most comfortable you will find. It is not something dramatic, since soon you get used to it, but it is important to mention it.

The case, which has a rectangular shape and does not bulge much for what is handled comfortably, is of a very good quality in both resistance and functionality. It only weighs 54 grams and can be rcharge up to twice the Creative Outlier Air without having to connect them to the power. This item may be thicker than expected, but it is due to the shape of the headphones themselves that fit like a glove on the included insert. In use we have verified that there are no resistance problems and that it is not easily damaged. In addition, the elements of light information to know the operation it offers (such as if it is in the process of loading) are very useful. An important detail: the port used is USB type C, which is an excellent option since this connection interface is increasingly common – locate it from the simplest and does not affect the stability of the mentioned case.

Use of Creative Outlier Air

In what has to do with the pairing we have not found any complication. Technology is used Bluetooth -version 5.0, what is good news since they take advantage of the maximum technologies such as AAC and aptX for this reason- and simply by recognizing one of the elements (pressing continuously on the button if they are not being used starts the process ) everything runs automatically. Come on, nothing strange how it works with this connection interface. By the way, for this function again the integrated LED is a great help. In addition, it should be noted that there are no cuts in the transmission when listening to music, at least with the different smartphones that we have tested the Creative Outlier Air.

One of the differential characteristics of Creative Outlier Air is its autonomy. This is located in something more than 7.5 hours with a charge, which is excellent news since we talk about elements that are small. In its price range it is the best of the market and, the truth is that there is not a great variation of this brand due to the change in power in volume. An important detail: the complete filling time of the completely empty case up to 100% is a little more than two hours, which is not a drama at all.

Creative Outlier Air sound quality

Well, the truth is that it is better than expected. In the bass is where they behave best regarding what other similar models of the market offer. With the media it does not behave especially badly, but its quality falls a little. Without problems with the highs that are well defined the truth is that the Creative Outlier Air are solvent headphones and that allows you to listen to music with a good sound experience In all kinds of situations. That s the absence of active cancellation is noted and sometimes can disturb the environment is this is very high (traffic, for example, is barely appreciated).

The three-dimensional sensation and sound localization is good, something that is achieved among other things because the integrated drivers are 5.6 mm and they are able to differentiate the channels well to achieve this. In addition, this also allows the definition in paternally complex moments only powerful guitars do not fit at all.

By the way, I use it as free hands It is an option in the Creative Outlier Air, which is achieved with special solvency since the microphone is quite good and the sensitivity is correct as well as the environmental recognition they offer. Therefore, the usefulness of these headphones is wide.


An excellent option considering the quality / price ratio offered by the Creative Outlier Air, and that makes them be a very interesting possibility For those looking for an independent model and, above all, it offers great autonomy and superior sound to Apple AirPods, since we believe this is exactly the case. We recommend them.

The best

  • Broad Autonomous
  • Good sound quality
  • Water resistance and USB connection type C


  • The use of the buttons requires a stronger pressure than expected
  • The case is slightly larger than expected

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