The best Huawei smartphone of 2019

The phones of the Huawei company no longer go unnoticed by any mortal. With a wide range of smart phones that increasingly have more finishes premium, the Chinese company is facing the big companies like Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony and Google. In fact, Huawei already sells more units worldwide than Apple.

The company has devices called flagship in its Mate and P lines to the point of being among the best smartphone manufacturers in the market. The recently renewed P Series with the P30 and P30 Pro, is a bit more dominant among the public who cares about the photography, while the Mate range are authentic models phablet With a more professional character.

In any case, the mobile does not have to be new to the market to offer interesting features. Older P10 models continue to be an economic choice, while the impressive P20 has reduced its price after the arrival of the new P30.

The P Smart is a cheaper way to enter the world of the brand, offering somewhat less cutting edge technology, but at a frankly interesting price. The company implements the EMUI personalization layer on Android, changing the user experience, but customizing certain actions to take advantage of any of its mobiles.

What can be a disadvantage for many, can become an advantage for others, since all models have a similar version of EMUI to maintain a consistency of use in all its terminals, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

In a few years, Huawei has expanded its spectrum beyond its traditional network and communications equipment provider business to become a powerful consumer electronics brand. So, here we offer you the best Huawei phones that you can buy in this 2018, which is undoubtedly called to be the year of 5G.

The best Huawei phones of 2019

one. Huawei P30 Pro

The Huawei P30 Pro is the last flagship of the Chinese company. It surpasses the Huawei Mate 20 Pro thanks to the improvements introduced in its photographic cameras, offering the Pro model a set of four Leica cameras to achieve performances comparable to a DSLR reflex camera.

Not having the finger scanner at the bottom – as is the case of the P20 Pro – makes the P30 screen to have an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9 with an OLED panel and integrated optical scanner.

As far as cameras are concerned, the P30 Pro has a total of four cameras at the rear: 20 MP (ultra wide angle, 16 mm, f / 2.2) + 40 MP (Superspectrum, 27 mm, f / 1 , 6, OIS) + 8 MP (telephoto with optical zoom of x5, 125 mm, f / 3.4, OIS) + flight time camera.

For practical purposes, you can use your new smartphone to take both photos with a wide open angle and very close photos with an x10 zoom. Higher ISO sensitivity also allows you to capture objects in the deepest darkness delighting the night mode.

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two. Huawei P30

The P30 is the successor of the P20, so it is not surprising to see similar differences between these two phones and between the P20 Pro and the standard P20 of 2018. However, even the standard P30 now has an OLED display, while the P20 had an LCD screen.

With 6.1 inches it is slightly smaller than the 6.47-inch screen of the P30 Pro and is completely flat instead of having curved sides. Also its resistance to water and dust is slightly lower with an IP68 certification.

Against the P30 Pro model, you should know that there are also slight differences in the photography section. Instead of zoom 5x telephoto lens of the Pro model, the P30 has a 3x zoom. It lacks the camera illuminator that helps the P30 Pro take portrait photos.

What they have both is the same type of Kirin 980 processor and the resolution of the screen of both is the same, despite the difference in inches.

The performance should be almost identical, although it is possible that the P30 Pro is able to have more browser tabs or applications open at the same time without affecting its speed thanks to its additional 2 GB of RAM.

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3. Huawei P30 Lite

If you really want a Huawei phone but cannot afford the higher price of the new P30 and P30 Pro, then the P30 Lite is a more than reasonable option.

The P30 Lite has the same style and finishes in its manufacture, with the same cameras that are excellent for this mid-range smartphone. It also has a generous amount of storage and its screen is good enough for video content.

There is a path of improvement in terms of performance and low autonomy offered, something that sets it apart from its older brothers. For the rest, you will be acquiring a good terminal that also has a fast charging system for your battery compared to the previous P20.

Four. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Mate 20 Pro has become an exceptional phone. Presented at the end of last year, the cameras are the highlight for many people, but in reality it is a fantastic multifunctional device that surprises by offering a high quality screen, super fast charging, wireless charging and excellent battery life that allows charging to other devices at any given time.

Huawei took a giant step with this new model that uses artificial intelligence to improve the experience of using its cameras, in addition to optimizing the use of applications based on our day. It is among the largest and is something that You will have to take into account when purchasing it.

After the presentation of the new P30 and P30 Pro, it continues to be an excellent option that you can now find at a cheaper price.

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5. Huawei P20 Pro

The P20 Pro is another smartphone Huawei at the height of the list of the Galaxy S9 and the iPhone X, among many others. Although it may seem to many of the past year, it should be emphasized that it only takes a few months for sale.

It has some shortcomings that place it slightly below the Mate 20 Pro, such as the lack of stabilization for 4K video, dispense with a headphone jack and the absence of wireless charging. However, if your priority is photography, the P20 Pro will not disappoint you.

It also adds a long-lasting battery, the dual SIM slots and the big screen, to obtain a mix of equipment that catapults it to the first positions of smart phones of this 2018.

In short, if you can do without having dual rear cameras, LCD screen in front of OLED, as well as waterproofing, With this model you will save about 200 in front of acquiring the flagship of the brand.

6. Huawei P20

The P20 is a recommended terminal for many reasons. It lacks a headphone jack and does not comply with the certification of being able to come into contact with water or dust, unlike the new P30 and P30 Pro.

However, this does not prevent it from becoming one of the best phones of 2018 based on the acceptance it has had among the great public.

It stays on top thanks to the results offered by its camera sensors, excellent battery life and more design premium within the range of Huawei. The screen presents a notch that it is possible to hide valindonos from software EMUI brand customization.

With a price below 500 , it is a cheaper option than the Samsung Galaxy S9, although the Galaxy has an OLED screen, waterproofing and maintains the headphone jack mini jack

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7. Huawei Mate 20 Lite

The Huawei Mate 20 Lite is a peculiar phone somewhat difficult to position. It is attractive and striking enough for the price it currently presents, an amount that has been reduced with the arrival of the newest current models, as is the case of the P30 family.

It has a good processor in its mid-range interior, to which it is necessary to add that part of its success is given by the value of its dual cameras of 24 megapixels, for the type of mobile phone that we have in hand.

Do not try to get the best selfies or photos on your Instagram, but for the price you pay in return, you can have really good results, in addition to its spectacular 6.3-inch FHD screen. The AI ​​applied by its chip improves performance when it comes to addressing the area of ​​leisure and games.

8. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

The market of smartphone It evolves so fast that many of the new models that are launched are quickly in the background by the launches of other brands. This is what has happened to the Mate 10 Pro, another great terminal that should still be valued.

Its dual rear cameras offer excellent photographs, especially when it comes to capturing photographs in portrait mode. It can't match the results of the Pixel 2 XL, but the Mate 10 Pro has a better screen, better battery life and the same processing capacity.

Recent updates from software EMUI have added new features that were previously exclusive to the P20 Pro, so that for the price presented by the Mate 10 Pro, it has a very good value for money right now.

9. Huawei Mate 20

In the absence of the coletilla of Pro, Mate 20 differs from its older brother in subtleties that allow it to be offered at a somewhat cheaper price. Inside, the Huawei Kirin 980 chipset prevails whose manufacturing process corresponds to the 7 nanometers, something that gives it a leading performance to beat other big players in the market.

The configuration of the triple camera at the back makes it possible for you to capture sharp and detailed photos, in addition to its screen with an excellent viewing area and small body. On sale, its price falls below the psychological barrier of 700.

10. Huawei P10 Plus

Another smart phone from Huawei with attractive design, hardware high end and a software which has improved over time and the corresponding updates. However, the passage of time causes us to miss some features in front of its rivals, such as the resistance to water and dust or the absence of wireless charging.

With the launch of the new generations P20 and P30, the price of the P10 Plus dropped considerably. If you still find availability in the market, promptly on Amazon, surely You will be acquiring a large terminal.

eleven. Huawei P10

Presented by hype and saucer in the edition of the Mobile World Congress of the year 2016, the Huawei P10 continues being a terminal with double camera, presented in a compact format that pleases many users for its great manageability.

It came to replace the P9 model, and as far as photography is concerned, the captured photos are sharp, vibrant and with details even when it comes to capturing in portrait mode. His camera selfie It has also received an important update over these years, the result of which indicates that Huawei continues to update its terminals over time.

Huawei EMUI offers artificial intelligence algorithms that should accelerate the most common functions of terminal use. It is difficult for you to find it since it has been out of the market for a while, but it is still a great option for users who do not demand the latter.

12. Huawei P Smart 2019

With a screen of the most decisive whose format is 18: 9, the P Smart is a phone with Android that offers the main functions for the vast majority of mortals without having great pretensions.

In fact, it will surely become one of the most successful among telephone providers and operators to offer it with their contract modalities. It is very similar to Honor 9 Lite (whose price is 30 lower when purchased in free mode).

Faced with the company's white range, the Honor 9 Lite also offers the possibility of using dual SIM cards and a second front camera, something that the Huawei lacks. They are factors to take into account when buy it for only 149.

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