The Google application that reads the web pages

Google tends to continually improve accessibility tools, and the ability to read text is one of the most useful, being able to be exploited practically by everyone. In the Google application a new function has been discovered that was already in Google Go that can read us the web pages.

Read web pages from the Google application: you can do it with Google Go

One of the most important features of Google Go It is the ability to read web pages with total comfort. As we can read in Google's own blog, this would be the description of the operation of Read It:

Equipped with natural language processing and speech synthesis by artificial intelligence, this pes technology is capable of reading billions of web pages fluently in 28 languages ​​with a natural voice, even in 2G connections, by using a minimum amount of mobile data. This technology is based on artificial intelligence to determine which parts of a page to read and which to ignore, so you will only listen to the important part.

This feature has gone unnoticed by many, but its next arrival in the main application makes it worth talking about it. Google Go is an application that if we try to download from Google Play will be impossible, being restricted at the country level. However, you can download it from these two websites completely reliably:

Once downloaded Google Go, we will only have to visit any web page from this application and navigate through it. Once we reach a page that reads us, a button will appear at the bottom, a button that if we press, will start reading.

The controls are simple, we can change the speed between 1x, 2x and 3x (slow, normal and fast). If we play, we can go backward or forward. If we go to another application or go to the home screen, Google Go will continue reading the website. We will also see a notification from which we can stop the reproduction, move forward and backward.

As a curiosity, we should consider that Google Go is designed for India, and although the voice is more natural than it has, for example, Google Maps, it is like hearing a girl from India speak Spanish

Coming soon in the main application

In the last hours, in 9to5 Google have published a APK Teardown, which in Spanish comes to mean an internal analysis of an application. This technique is able to predict the characteristics that an application will have, since many of these remain hidden until the official launch.

In this analysis they have discovered that Read it TTS, will reach the main application of Google, a year later since its launch in Google Go.