The Nokia 9.1 Pureview arrive with 5G and better cameras

In this year's MWC Nokia presented the Nokia 9 Pureview, a device that was intended to be a rival for the high-end of other companies and that not only had very decent performance, but was committed to innovation with a five sensor rear camera , the first in a smartphone.

Half years later this device has not finished taking off and there are already many more powerful and cheaper models.

Nokia knows it and is working on what will be its successor and would be called Nokia 9.1 Pureview.

Snapdragon 855 and 5G

The new terminal would have what is the best processor at the time of the manufacturer Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 855, which should have taken the Nokia 9.

Next to it we will have the X50 modem, which would provide the device with 5G, although there are still not many countries with compatible networks.

A better camera, especially on video and at night

Another novelty of this Nokia 9.1 will be your camera. The manufacturer returns to partner with the company Light to bet on a multiple camera in the back area, but this time focused on improving the quality of video recording (something that few Android do very well) and in low light photos.

The front camera would be housed in a hole in the screen, as we have seen in some devices of this manufacturer.

It will be presented at the end of the year

Although this model was expected to see the light in the third quarter of the year, it seems that it will not be so and that its announcement would be delayed to the fourth and last quarter. It would be the second time that Nokia delays a flagship and this makes us think if it will be able to deal with the Pixel 4, Huawei Mate 30 Pro or iPhone XI.

It would be one of the first to arrive with Android Q, whose final version is expected in mid-August.