this game challenges you to control the circulation

Throughout history we have attended puzzle games with the most varied themes, mechanics and styles. Those of ordering geometric pieces may be the most common, but ingenuity can be taken to limits far from the usual puzzle. For example … How about manage a road junction?

Stap It is a game in development that can be downloaded without complications from the Google Play Store. Throughout the different levels we will have to perform a very simple task: manage a road junction touching on the vehicle to be stopped (hence the pun on "Stap"). Did we say simple? Not much less, wait to overcome the first levels.

Stap: simple mechanics for a puzzle game where you need ingenuity and reflexes

Imagine that you are a kind of virtual police who must stop the vehicles so that they do not crash at the crossing. The way to do it is by clicking on the car in question: it will stop until you press again. With a couple of cars driving on the road it is simple; until more vehicles begin to arrive, also behind the one that was already stopped.

As in all puzzle games, Stap It increases in difficulty as the levels progress. These consist of increasingly complex road crossings: one lane in each direction, double … And in each of the lanes will come cars that they will collide at the intersection if you don't remedy it. Above, cars come randomly, so it is impossible to learn the guidelines of each level once you have to repeat it to move on to the next.

Stap is still in development, something that is noticeable in the graphics (in 3D and somewhat rough, although they have their grace), in music and effects (a bit crushing) and also in the absence of advertising and micropayments. It is a casual game that has its charm despite the simplicity of the approach: try it once and you will be stopping traffic until you get a good collection of screens. Stap hooks up.

The game is available in open beta through the Google Play Store. You don't need to pay anything to download it: it's free.