This is the definitive application if you care what you eat

One of the biggest advantages of mobile phones in the last two decades is that they integrate a camera. This has changed the way we take snapshots and also the way we share them.

But a camera serves for much more, for example to scan QR codes, which allow you to interact with the physical world in multiple ways.

Before the QR codes, bar codes were already used, especially in food. Today we want to talk about Yuka, An amazing application to control the quality of what we eat.

An application that shreds our food

Yuka's function is simple, to tell us if we are eating well or not depending on the processed foods we buy. It is obvious that if we buy meat or fish or fresh vegetables, fruits or vegetables, in principle we are on the right track.

But what about canister foods, sauces and other things? Well this is where Yuka comes into action allowing us to know everything about a food simply by scanning the barcode with our camera.

When opening the application we can click on the lower right corner to activate the reader, which will identify the product at an amazing speed.

Details and information

In addition to food data, such as its amount of salt or protein, Yuka tells us if it is good, bad or regular depending on how it affects our diet.

Depending on the color you have we can see in the main section if we have made a good purchase or if it is improvable. There is also a circular diagram with a plate shape to see what kind of products we buy the most:

  • Good: marked in green.
  • Regular: marked in orange.
  • Bad: marked in red.

This score is based on parameters such as nutritional quality, the presence of additives and the ecological nature of the product.

A huge database and simple operation

Yuka needs an internet connection to match the barcode with the more than 600,000 in its database. It also serves for hygienic products, also relevant in our health, with more than 200,000 products.

The application is free although we will have to register before using it, either with our email or with our Facebook account.