trackpad keyboard to compete with iPad Pro

There is less left for the Korean manufacturer to present its new iPad Pro alternative. It is expected that next August 7 will see the light next to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and, little by little, we are already knowing new details. As the last official image that has leaked and that reveals one of the most interesting secrets of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 keyboard.

It is a fact that, as in previous versions, we will have a keyboard case to complement the next big iPad Pro 2019 rival. Well beware, the image that has been filtered shows a detail that will mark, and much, the difference, making working on this Samsung tablet more comfortable than ever.

As being the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, next great rival of the iPad Pro tade Apple

We must bear in mind that we are facing a leak, so we cannot confirm that this image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 next to the keyboard case be real. But it has all the numbers to be a filtered press image, so it is quite truthful.

The keyboard of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 include a trackpad

As you can see in the image that tops these lines, the new render shows the keyboard case of the Samsung Galaxy S6. And yes, it seems that this accessory for the tablet of the Korean manufacturer arrive with a trackpad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: what do we know about the iPad Pro rival within weeks of its presentation?

Yes, it is true that this accessory is sold separately, but it seems that the Sel-based firm has wanted to improve the functionality, adding this component that will allow us to navigate much more comfortably.Otherwise, nothing new under the sun. Or s. Since, with this render, we can confirm that all the images that were filtered previously, confirming what the next great rival of the iPad Pro will look like.

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And not only that, we know that the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 have a slot in the back to integrate the S Pen through a magnetic system. In addition to its dual camera system in the back, most likely to add a ToF sensor with which to capture the depth of the images we want to photograph, in addition to being able to measure distances in real time.

As always, we will have to wait until next August 7 to see what the signature surprises us during the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 presentation, because there is one thing that is clear: every time the next rival of the iPad Pro looks better. Getting Apple to take the throne from the tablet market?