turn any tablet into smart screen

The technological revolution we are living is allowing us to enjoy a little gold. We have the possibility of buying all kinds of products at prices that previously seemed impossible. The problem? That more and more gadgets accumulate in our house that we no longer know what use to give it because they have become obsolete. Or not. We have already told you how to take advantage of your old phone, now it is the turn of that tablet that takes dust in a drawer: we teach you to turn it into a Amazon Echo Show 5.

And, one of the great features that we were shown during the presentation of the Amazon Echo Show 5, is the possibility of making video calls. S, a smart speaker with a screen that allows you to make video calls, or use its panel to view recipes, browse the Internet or enjoy your favorite series.

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The good thing is that, for all these functions you can perfectly use your old tablet. Yes, it will no longer serve you to enjoy the most cutting-edge games available in the Android ecosystem, but I know that you can turn it into a smart screen to control any compatible element of your home, make video calls and much more.

Steps to turn an old tablet into an Amazon Echo Show

The first thing you have to do is download Alexa on your old tablet. Obviously, without the voice assistant that incorporates the Amazon Echo Show, you can't get the most out of it. Luckily, it is available in the Google app store, so do not hesitate to install this solution to start taking advantage of your old tablet.

Once you have installed Alexa on your tablet, you just have to configure the device interface. Although it is not mandatory, we recommend connecting a bluetooth speaker that you have in the same room and to be in charge of reproducing the sound, since the quality of your tablet's speakers is not exactly the best in the market.

To make the most of your 7 or 10-inch screen, the ideal is to buy a music stand that allows you to hold the device in the same position as the Amazon Echo Show 5. Quiet, Amazon has a lot of options, although we recommend this model, since it does not exceed 8 euros.

Finally, although it is not essential, it is advisable to buy an external microphone. In this way, it will be easier for the speaker to detect your voice commands. Hence the idea of have a Bluetooth speaker. If you had it too close to the tablet, the sound will mask your voice commands, and by the way, you have the free 3.5 millimeter output to use a microphone.

In this case, we have chosen a model that has very good ratings on Amazon and, what is better, has an extension of 6 meters. In this way, if you have a very large kitchen, or you are going to use it in the dining room, you can always place the microphone at a distance closer to you so that it is much easier to detect your voice commands.

Don't you think you need such a long cable? You have this other option, with 1.5 meters of cable, for less than 8 euros. Really, a very simple way to Turn any old tablet into an Amazon Echo Show 5. What are you waiting for to try it!