We check all your Android phones

We have already spoken on other occasions about the emergence of Xiaomi in the market, especially Spanish for a relatively short time. A brand that offers users very complete devices at competitive prices.

An arrival that has been a challenge for its rivals, due to Xiaomi's philosophy of flooding all ranges with devices of its brand. Challenge that can be applied to users, who in the face of so much variety does not know that Xiaomi suits him …

Xiaomi for everyone

With all of the above in mind, we have decided break down and shed some light about the options that have that user looking for a new smartphone, especially if it is from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi's tentacles range from lower ranges, up to the premium ranges of Android. Occasionally becoming the competition itself, reason for more to try to put each range of Xiaomi in place.

Redmi go

The first step in the Xiaomi universe is starring the most basic version of Android, the so-called Android Go, designed for affordable devices and very basic use.

This range is represented by the Redmi go, a device that has some very fair specifications although its price is too. Your highlight is your battery of great autonomy.

However, and as we have already mentioned in The Free Android, Android Go devices tend to be bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. As they can't stand the test of time too well.

There is also the peculiarity that for a little more money we find the following range of Xiaomi. Which offers a more balanced and complete experience in all aspects.

Redmi A

The next step corresponds to one of the most popular ranges of Xiaomi. Proof that an affordable device is not at odds with offering a satisfying experience.

For anyone who needs a smartphone for a basic use or not to worry too much, the range Redmi A It is the ideal. Especially its recent seventh generation, which offers one of the best thought devices in recent times.

Obviously we don't have premium finishes, nor luxuries as the fingerprint reader. But we have more than decent performance, accompanied by a battery that will give us hours and hours of autonomy.

Without forgetting the latest additions to this range, such as the splash resistance, FM radio with integrated antenna or the option of having 20% ​​more audio volume. Small details that bring a plus to the experience.


Those looking for a smartphone that meets more demanding tasks, but without having to ask for a mortgage. In addition to the whim of having some luxuries, the next range is what they look for in Xiaomi.

The evolution of the Xiaomi low range, embodied by the Redmi, put on the table that little plus that in some aspects places it in the middle range, although not quite.

We found a more solvent use experience, thanks to its most powerful processor. Enjoying a generous battery to have an enviable autonomy. Adding some very interesting aspects.

Aspects such as the presence of a dual camera, fingerprint reader or options of larger storage even reaching 64GB of memory.

Redmi note

The following range of Xiaomi is indicated for those users who are looking for a smartphone that offers a high quality experience, with premium dyes, but at a really content price

The Redmi Note have always been characterized by offering a device with a larger screenalong with a performance without compromises and sweetened with details of superior ranges.

The use of crystal as material main, the presence of USB Type C or using a camera with a 48 megapixel sensor they were reserved not long ago to superior ranges and whose price was prohibitive.

Xiaomi has managed to make all this available to users, obviously with some commitments, at a really affordable price. So it stands as the range to recommend in a high percentage of users. Except … let's move on to the next range.

Xiaomi Mi A

Those users who seek the experience of the Redmi Note range, but with all the benefits of using pure Android and guaranteed updates for at least two years. They will find their place in the following range.

The next range within Xiaomi was a revolution that turned the market upside down, the arrival of Mi A unifies the best of Xiaomi with the best of Google. The choice to choose without blinking for all those who would like a good, cheap and updated smartphone.

Next to a hardware rather than solvent, the great virtue of this range is to belong to the Google Android One stamp. Which guarantees at least two years of system updates and three years of security updates.

For many, they are the spiritual heirs of those yearned for Google Nexus, ideal for users looking for the most complete experience possible, without leaving empty pockets.


Xiaomi's next proposal comes from the hand of its Pocophone brand, which has only one task to perform. Offer high-end performance at such a groundbreaking price … that turned the ecosystem of Android devices upside down.

Making a car simile the range Pocophone offers sporty performance, but without too many luxuries That would only make the price more expensive. No exotic materials, sensor under the screen or curved screen or AMOLED.

Although we are not fooled, these absences of luxury more than compensates them thanks to aspects such as:

  • High end processor
  • Large capacity battery with fast charge.
  • Huge amounts of storage.
  • Photographic experience full of possibilities.

It does not dazzle in many aspects, except the performance section, but offers a balanced experience at a more balanced price. If you are looking for a smartphone that does not worry about a long season and does not break the bank, the Pocophone F1 is a great candidate.

Xiaomi Mi

We reach the most veteran range of Xiaomi, the high-end range at the demolition price. For a long time, especially before the official arrival of Xiaomi to Spain, the object of desire of many users who risked importing them from Asia.

Those users who want the best of Xiaomi represented on a smartphone in the Mi range the option to choose. A whole high range that has evolved, creating a kind of ecosystem within Xiaomi itself, offering high quality finishes waves latest technologies like your AMOLED screen at hard to beat prices.

As we said this range has evolved, offering now three variants within the Mi range. All of them with a common link, put in the hands of its users the best that Xiaomi has at its disposal:

  • Xiaomi Mi 9 | 449-499 euros: High-end experience in all aspects, both for performance and for its finishes and the technology it has.
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 SE | € 349 – € 369: A compact device, which offers all the virtues of a high-end with a mid-range processor.
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T | 329-369 euros: For those who want the best of the Mi 9 but prefer a more moderate and efficient performance.

They all come wrapped in a crystal body, fingerprint reader under screen, several sensors in your camera and also incorporate the much needed NFC technology that many Xiaomi users crave in the rest of their ranges.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

The last step within Xiaomi is the most risky and innovative, a range that is committed to breaking the established molds and taking them further. Those users who are not satisfied with having one more smartphone in the pile and looking for something different, will be in their sauce.

Xiaomi introduced with its range My mix unknown aspects on smartphones until that moment, details such as ceramic use on the body, wireless charging or the use of borderless screens. Being the first devices to offer a aspect ratio other than traditional 16: 9 then.

The Xiaomi most premium experience at prices that move away from what until then users associated with the brand. But they are located at quite competitive level, taking into account everything that the set makes available to us.

Proof that the Mi Mix range is where the brand displays all its benefits is its last representative, the My Mix 3 5G, as you can intuit by name is one of the first smartphones to offer the new 5G technology.