what to do when the process ends

One of the most cumbersome tasks is, without a doubt, install Windows 10. From time to time, it is time to repeat this process, especially when the system starts to fail, or because you are going to have the latest version of the Microsoft operating system for the first time. Therefore, we have prepared a guide with the steps you have to follow as soon as you finish the installation of W10.

Keep in mind that, these tips will help you avoid future problems. Here you will not find a list of software or settings, although we recommend knowing these tricks to improve your experience with Windows 10. What you will find in this guide are the essential steps that any user should know just after finishing install Windows 10 on your PC or laptop. Let's see what needs to be done.

After installing Windows 10, update

Many people, nothing else is just install Windows 10The first thing you do is download all the programs you will use regularly, such as the Google Chrome browser, a good video player. It is a real mistake. After the completion of this process, the first thing to do is install all Windows 10 updates. The reason? Avoid security problems and possible incompatibilities.

If you want a clean installation of Windows 10, it is best to first update the system to the latest version. To do this, you must go to Advanced Options and disable Delivery Optimization. This option allows you to download updates from other computers. It takes longer, but it is the best solution.

Some users prefer to make a backup before following this process. Nor is it a bad idea to do it just after installing Windows 10, but for convenience, we prefer to do the corresponding system update first.

Touch install all drivers

One of the advantages of Windows 10 is that, unlike other versions of the system, it comes with a good number of preloaded drivers. The most logical thing is that everything works correctly, but it is a problem that you notice some other problem, especially in the graphics card or some external device.

To confirm that everything is correct, open a YouTube video to confirm everything looks perfect. Use Microsoft Edge, so avoid installing any programs. Doesn't play correctly? Well, update some driver.

Keep in mind that, you should always install any driver from the original site. You should know what components make up your computer. If not, you just have to right click on the Windows startup icon and choose the Device Manager option.

Create a backup

The last step to follow before starting to download and install applications is to make a backup of the system. In this way, if you have problems in the future, you will save yourself from reinstalling Windows 10. The only thing you should do is restore the corresponding backup. Do not miss the opportunity to try AOEMI BackUpper, one of the best applications to make backups.

Now, once you have your backup, you can start downloading and installing applications. And yes, you got install Windows 10 in the cleanest way possible.