Xiaomi accessories for cheap and useful sports

If you are a lover of sport and you're looking for new accessories technology that are useful when it comes to improving your brands and that are not very expensive, one of the options that you should not fail to review are those offered Xiaomi. We show products that we close that are attractive.

The truth is that the number of devices launched by the Asian company is surprising, and in the sport segment it is one that does not lack its presence. And, the truth is that the quantity and variety of options that Xiaomi offers is really high and even surprising. Thus, it is possible since getting a smartband to acquire data of the exercise that is performed up to a camera to record everything that is done when going out with the bike (for example).

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All the models that we have chosen are possible to buy in Spain, which is a good detail since it is sure that the support is adequate and that you do not have to resort to the import to have to buy it. Also, for everything to be much more simple, we show a link in the store Amazon So you can get the Xiaomi accessory without having to leave the house if desired. This is our selection in which, sure, you find some surprise:

Xiaomi AMAZFIT Bip

This is a smart watch that offers an excellent quality / price ratio. It offers advanced options such as water resistance and, of course, integrates heart rate sensor. With a good finish and a very low weight, it becomes an excellent complement when it comes to sports. Important to indicate that it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots

Those who practice sports do not usually leave without headphones that allow them to enjoy music while they strive. These of the Asian company are Bluetooth and independent, so it has no cable which ensures comfort. Its autonomy is four hours (twelve ms are added thanks to the case) and offer sweat resistance. Important: its weight is only 4.1 grams.

Xiaomi MIJIA Sport

Yes, the Asian company also has sneakers that include a Bluetooth element inside that connects with the phone and, in this way, data on the exercise that is performed is acquired. With a wide angle of torsin and TPU finish to ensure the best possible resistance, there is no lack of reflective elements that provide security when the street light is low.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4

You can not miss the new smartband of the company, which has novelties as interesting as having a color screen that looks much better outdoors and, this does not dramatically reduce the autonomy it offers. With wide resistance, including water, this accessory is the most comfortable and very low price. Compatible with iOS and Android.

Xiaomi Mi Action Camera 4K

If you want to record everything you do when going out to corrode or ride a bike, an action camera is what you should have. This model offers the possibility of recording with 4K resolution, and there is no lack of six-axis stabilizer so that the image is as fixed and sharp. Its autonomous recording at the highest possible quality is two hours, and it does not lack a useful information screen of 1.4 inches.