Xiaomi anti loss gadget: design, features and price

Lately, the Asian manufacturer does not stop launching new solutions. We have already seen its new phone with Android Go to control the smart devices of your home, the manufacturer's new cheap smart lock, and now it is the turn of a new Xiaomi gadget: an anti-loss device that is the best ally for the most clueless users.

And, it is a Xiaomi gadget really useful, since it prevents us from carrying unnecessary scares by forgetting our purse, keys, wallet or any other object that we carry on us on a regular basis.

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To create this new Xiaomi gadget, the Pekn-based firm has had the collaboration of Shaanxi Minuo Electronic Information Technology Co., a specialized firm and solutions of all kinds and has been in charge of creating this product, which is currently in the Youpin collective financing platform manufacturer. And yes, as usual, is being a resounding success.

Design and features of the new Xiaomi anti loss gadget

Regarding dimensions, we find a very restrained product. For this, this new Xiaomi anti-loss device has measures of 42 x 42 x 8 mm, in addition to a weight of only 10 grams, so that it does not bother us where we are using it.

In addition, it has a leather cord that allows us to hang it in the backpack, purse or any personal item. But how does this new Xiaomi gadget work? Well, we have two options: use the device directly, or focus on the mobile application.

In the case of using the Xiaomi gadget, we will only have to press the button to make our phone start to beep. Ideal if you don't know where you left the phone at home. And their 15 meter connection range It is more than enough for it.

On the other hand, through the mobile application, we can make the most of this new Xiaomi gadget. What happens if you move further than those 15 meters of connection? Don't worry, that in that case, both the anti loss device, like your telephone, they will start to whistle as if there is no morning, so that you know that you have forgotten the telephone, the bag or the object that you have left behind.

Regarding the application, it has a mapping area that tells us if we are closer or further away from the device, in addition to being able to activate the alarm of the anti-lost device at all times to ensure we find the object that we are not finding.

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The best? As usual in all brand solutions, this new gadget Xiaomi It has a really attractive price: cost only 99 yuan, about 13 euros to change. A bargain to keep in mind. Yes, it is true that we do not reach Spain officially, but we can always go to external suppliers to get us with this very interesting, useful and economical product.

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