Xiaomi Boway Z1 wireless charger: design, features and price

The Asian manufacturer does not stop expanding its range of solutions. It is not the first time that the Chinese firm presents such a solution. At the time we met the Xiaomi Yeelight White Light, but now it has surprised us with a new product. And, Xiaomi has presented a new wireless charger, which has wireless charging and a really promising design.

As usual in this type of devices, the firm has launched this wireless charger in collaboration with Boway, manufacturer specialized in this type of products. To do this, he has used his well-known collective financing platform, where we have been able to see all the details of the Boway Z1.

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In this way, the new Boway Z1 stands out for offering a really attractive design. For this, it is committed to a circular base made of polycarbonate, in addition to having a bottom surface made of silicone, which prevent this gadget from slipping when we place a phone. Although, the most interesting detail of the design of this wireless charger comes with its reclining mode.

Boway Z1, as is the Xiaomi reclining wireless charger with fast charge

And, by pressing the button on the base, the support appears where we can place the phone. And what is better, we can select different positions since this component is perfectly reclining. Do you want to watch a movie on your smartphone while it is charging? Use the landscape mode and adjust it in the angle that best suits you. Do you prefer to take notes of a document you have on the device? Its vertical mode allows you to work with it in a really comfortable way.

As you could see in the video that heads these lines, the possibilities offered by the new Xiaomi Boway Z1 wireless charger They are very spacious, offering a really versatile gadget and that we can take advantage of. More if we take into account its characteristics.

To start, the Xiaomi Boway Z1 has a system of fast charge Wireless In this way, being able to charge compatible Apple devices at 7.5 W, or Android terminals at 10 W.

Are you worried that the Xiaomi wireless charger suffers from overheating problems? You can be very calm, since this gadget has a heat dissipation systemat the rear to prevent your phone from suffering any damage during wireless charging.

As for the price of this Xiaomi wireless charger, the firm has launched the Boway Z1 for only 108 yuan, about 14 euros to change. A demolition figure that makes it one of the best solutions to consider if you are looking for a charger of this type.

As usual, it is more than likely that this model does not leave the Asian market, although seeing its attractive price, it is worth looking for external suppliers that send the product to Europe, as long as it does not go too far from its original price.

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