Xiaomi launches two headphones with hybrid noise cancellation

The headphones with noise cancellation have gone from being little used models to spread among the users to become habitual. For this reason manufacturers constantly launch models and, this is what they just did Xiaomi but with some details that are interesting.

The new accessories of the Asian company are both models that are not independent, so they do not compete with Apple AirPods. That is, each of the two elements that are used to emit sound are connected by a cable. Of course, the two models that have been announced use technology Bluetooth to communicate with smartphones or computers, so they offer adequate freedom of movement and also wide compatibility.

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These accessories include a headband that is placed on the neck (neckband) to offer the best possible support when using them, even when playing sports. In it, reproductions control buttons are integrated and, in what has to do with the autonomy offered by the new Xiaomi headphones, it reaches the 20 hours, so it exceeds here.

Xiaomi bets on hybrid noise cancellation

This is one of the most curious details offered by the new product of the Asian company, and its use allows the price of the headphones not to be excessively triggered since its implementation is cheaper than active cancellation (without that for this reason the operation is bad). The case is that the process that runs in the hybrid combines the good physical sealing outward from the passive with a controlled emission of a wave of sound similar to the external one that is detected by means of a microphone – which is canceled. A solution that, by the way, also allows reduce consumption in part of energy.

When it comes to sound quality, the Xiaomi Necbandk Hybrid are quite solvent. We say this because the data available indicates that they offer options that are interesting, such as being able to use 24 bits; frequency of 20 to 20,000 Hz; and an impedance of 10 ohms this last also reduces energy consumption.

The date of sale is the next day August seventh in China, and they are expected to arrive later in other regions. The two models of Xiaomi headphones have a price from 60 euros The most economical model. At least, these accessories are interesting.

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