Xiaomi Mi 9T camera: photo with GCam installed

A few weeks ago the Asian manufacturer introduced the Xiaomi Mi 9T. We talked about a decaffeinated version of its flagship, but it has some very interesting features. Especially noteworthy, is the photographic section of the younger brother of the Xiaomi Mi 9. It is noted that the Pekn-based firm knows that this point is increasingly important when choosing a telephone. Or not. And, after seeing how to improve the camera of the Xiaomi Mi 9T after installing GCam, It is clear that software work has an increasing value.

S, by itself, the Xiaomi Mi 9T camera Get some great quality shots. But, after trying to install the Google camera on the manufacturer's phone, the quality of the photographs taken has improved significantly. As you will be able to check in the different photographic examples that accompany this article, the quality increases. Conclusion? If you can, install GCam on your smartphone, thank you.

Examples of photography taken with the camera of the Xiaomi Mi 9T after installing GCam

Here we have a first example of captures made with the camera of the original Xiaomi Mi 9T, and after installing Gcam on the device. On the left side, we see that the device gets a complete picture, but with some light problems. That is, when using the Google camera, the thing changes. And for good.

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The colors look more defined and realistic, in addition to achieving greater contrast and a much higher level of detail. It is noted that the post-processing work of the image is much higher, achieving height results. And eye, that in the rest of the examples, you will see that the Google camera It makes the Xiaomi Mi 9T climb a couple of steps in terms of quality.

In this second example of photography, we find a very similar case. In this way, the image on the right offers a level of detail significantly higher than the image on the left, in addition to offering much more defined colors and a greater level of detail. Let's look at examples of night photography, where the camera of the Xiaomi Mi 9T with GCam, get more muscle.

In this case, it goes without saying what capture is made with the original Xiaomi Mi 9T camera, and which has been done with Gcam. And, the Google camera manages to show the colors with a much higher realism. And not only that. In the example on the right we can see perfectly the tiles that adorn the wall, while the original image can barely appreciate this detail.

As you can see, the changes in terms of quality when using the Google camera are notable. Yes, the photographic section of the new Xiaomi phone is superb, but after installing GCam, the quality leap that achieves the Xiaomi Mi 9T camera It makes it worth considering root to be able to use the zoom and wide angle.