Xiaomi mini portable projector: design, features and price

One of the best options to enjoy movies, series and any other multimedia content is to bet on a portable mini projector. We talk about a gadget that you can take anywhere thanks to its battery, and that offers a fairly solvent image quality. We have already told you about a solution, like this Docoy model, and now it is Xiaomi's turn.

And, the Asian manufacturer has just launched a new Xiaomi mini projector that fully meet the expectations of any user looking for a solution of this type to enjoy all kinds of multimedia content wherever they want.

In addition, this mini projector is portable, with a really restrained design with which to take it wherever you want without worrying about anything. Sample of it we have in its dimensions, 155 x 125 x 160 mm, not to be a problem when transporting it. It even has a leather handle to carry it comfortably. And yes, its 16,000 mAh battery is more than enough to be able to watch several movies without problem.

Features of the new Xiaomi mini portable projector

On the other hand, to say that the design of this portable mini projector from the manufacturer based in Shenzhen will allow us to use it in different positions. To do this, allow a 45 degree angle of projection, to adapt it to the position that interests you most.

Regarding the technical characteristics of this model, say that the new Xiaomi gadget is capable of projecting movies in Full HD 1080p quality. To do this, bet on a LED lamp with technology Osram LED, which offers 85 percent more quality in the NTSC color standard compared to a traditional LED system.

In this way, he manages to project an image of 80 inches at 2 meters away, 100 inches at 2.5 meters and 120 inches at three meters. Of course, it offers 550 ANSI lamellae, more than enough power to use in environments with zero or very low luminosity, but if you are in a very bright room the quality will plummet.

We cannot forget the sound support DTS HD and Dolby Audio which incorporates this Xiaomi portable mini projector. Although it has built-in speakers, it should be remembered that, in this type of solutions, it is best to have a good sound bar or 5.1 system to be able to enjoy the maximum of the contents that you reproduce.

As for the operating system, the manufacturer has opted for MIUI TV, the same system that uses its Xiaomi Smart TV range. And not only that, the firm has incorporated its voice assistant, to provide the new artificial intelligence mini projector. For this, the remote control incorporates a dedicated button that allows us to activate it to perform different actions in a comfortable way by means of a simple voice command.

Regarding the price and availability of this new Xiaomi mini portable projector, this interesting gadget is available at a price of 2,899 yuan, about 381 euros to change. A really interesting figure seeing its benefits. Unfortunately, this model does not reach our country directly, at least for now, but it is worth looking for distributors that offer it, more seeing the possibilities offered by this gadget.