Xiaomi smart Lock R5 smart lock with face unlock

The Asian manufacturer has surprised us again with a new smart lock. It is not the first time that the brand brings us such solutions. But the new Xiaomi Smart Lock R5 It comes with a very interesting surprise: facial recognition system.

To start, we find a model made of aluminum alloy to offer a premium and attractive design. As usual in this type of solutions, the new Xiaomi Smart Lock R5 smart lock It comes with different unlocking systems, highlighting the facial recognition system, although we can also use the numeric keypad or our phone through the application.

This is how the facial recognition system of the new Xiaomi smart lock works

With respect to biometric system more interesting than this model has, say that the Xiaomi Smart Lock R5 has cameras located at the top, where two high-precision sensors are integrated, reaching users to read at least 130 centimeters high.

On the other hand, this model has a small LED that indicates if facial recognition is being performed, ideal to confirm that the door is going to open. Although, considering its reading speed, it takes 0.6 seconds to read a face, we won't have to wait too long.

Highlight that We can use this facial unlocking system with sunglasses, wigs and hats. For this, the firm has equipped its intelligent lock with an automatic learning system that remembers a series of parameters to recognize the user in a very simple way. Even in dimly lit environments work perfectly.

Neither masks nor photographs: the Xiaomi Smart Lock R5 system is infallible

It must be said that the facial recognition systems seen on mobile phones are quite few insurance. There are videos on the Internet that show that, with a photo or a mask, you can skip security on some models. Xiaomi guarantees that its smart lock is smart enough to avoid this problem, by having the patterns mentioned above, which include the natural movements of the eyes, to prevent a friend from outside trying to access your home.

In addition, it has an anti-theft security system that, in case someone tries to force the smart lock Xiaomi Smart Lock R5, activates an alarm and immediately notifies the user through the application. To say that it has two batteries that offer a 5,000 mAh battery, with more than 1 month of autonomy. Are you worried about running out of charge? Quiet, as this device notifies you after each opening when less than half of the battery remains.

Finally, highlight your chip 20 bit security encryptionYes, compatible with Mijia and that allows us to close the door automatically for hours, or create groups with which to establish accesses allowed at different times of the day.This interesting solution is available in China at a price of 2,499 yuan, about 317 euros to change . A bargain if we consider the possibilities offered by this interesting product. And you trust this Xiaomi smart lock with facial recognition system?