Xiaomi Yeelight LED smart lamps: design, features price

It is not the first time that we talk about the range of Xiaomi smart lamps. A year ago, the Xiaomi LED Ceiling Light Pro was presented, a really complete solution. And now, it has just launched a renewed version, along with two new models that surprise by their finishes, technical characteristics and tight price.

To start, we find three smart lamps that we can control at distances through the application. To do this, we have two options of Connectivity: WiFi or Buetooth. And not only that, since it is also compatible with the entire Mijia device ecosystem.

What does it mean? Well, for example, when we activate an Xiaomi smart lock, this lamp will be activated automatically. And not only that, it is also compatible with compatible smart speakers. Obviously, the speaker with Xiao AI of the firm allow turning on and off these Xiaomi smart lamps, but we can also use devices with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Three different models to control the light of your entire home

In this case, the manufacturer has launched three different smart lamps, which adapt to the different rooms that form your home. In this way, we have the most vitaminized model, which reaches 7,300 power limbs, in addition to a double tone system to offer a greater area of ​​lighting.

To say that, the most vitaminized version will be able to illuminate areas between 25 and 40 square meters, being able to calibrate the power of this smart lamp Yeelight of Xiaomi depending on the situation. Are we going to watch a movie? Let's reduce its power to the maximum. Do you play an informal dinner with your friends? Calibrate the power to the maximum so that everything is perfectly illuminated.

We can not forget its measured dimensions, 940 x 640 x 0.95 cm, a detail the extreme thinness of this renewed version of the range of smart lamps of the manufacturer. To give you the idea, the thickness of the previous model was double.

These are the mini versions of the new Xiaomi Yeelight smart lamps

Second, we have a more restrained model that is intended to illuminate rooms between 20 and 25 square meters. This new Yeelight LED It has a diameter of 500 mm, together with a thickness of 70 mm. And its 3,900 limes will be more than enough to offer more than enough power.

Do you want a small smart lamp for a room? The most restrained version is the ideal to light up small rooms, or even help your children have a better time at night. Remember that the light intensity is adjustable, so you can adjust it according to your needs.

This model measures 400 mm, in addition to a thickness of 70mm and 2,000 power limbs, it is also dimmable, so it can work perfectly as a night light. A group of products that can serve to illuminate different corners of your home, allowing you to control the intensity of the light of each of these new smart lamps of the Yeelight family from the manufacturer based in Pekn.

And his price? Well as always, it's a real bargain. For starters, the largest model is priced at 699 yuan, about 91 euros to change. In the case of the medium-sized model, this Yeelight smart lamp costs only 349 yuan, about 46 euros to change. And eye, that the Mini version stays at 249 yuan, less than 35 euros to change.