Yamaha Tritown electric scooter: design and features

The market for these types of devices is clearly booming. And, more and more people are betting on a electric scooter to move around the city quickly and cleanly. We have already seen the last solution of Xiaomi, although it seems that it will have a new rival. Yes, Yamaha works at Tritown, a model that stands out for its impressive design.

Taking advantage of the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, the Japanese manufacturer based in Shizuoka has introduced its new personal mobility vehicle. To say that, Tritown It is not an electric scooter to use. Composed of a triple wheel system, this curious model is closer than ever.

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To start, use a stabilization system seen in the range of Yamaha motorcycles that are committed to similar systems. In this way, the Leaning Multi-Wheel technology that integrates the Tesseract four-wheel motorcycle and the Tricity three-wheel model is adapted to the new electric scooter.

Tritown, more details of the new Yamaha electric scooter

Of course, the new model has improved in some details with respect to that first version that was shown two years ago. In this way, the Tritown continues to have the same chassis as the original concept, but it has a new tilt mechanism on two front wheels, in addition to a new propulsion system.

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Yes, the electric motor located on the rear wheel is the same, but now there is a hidden battery in the frame that is responsible for feeding it. But for what advantages does a three-wheel electric scooter bring us? Well, very simple. To begin, by having this design, users can lean as if they were on a bicycle or motorcycle, achieving greater stabilization and a more comfortable way to make turns.

In addition, to have two front wheels, when this electric scooter is stopped, do not tip over, as it will happen with other models, as in bicycles and motorcycles. And the stirrups will remain at the same level when turning, so all are advantages.

But how can you lean on this electric scooter? Well, through a locking mechanism in the steering tube along with a slight grip of both brake levers, while applying weight to the stirrups on both sides of the frame. And the accelerator? It is located on the handlebar, so it can be operated comfortably by pressing the thumb lever.

To say that we do not have too much technical data of this curious model, but not to be an electric scooter precisely comfortable to carry: although it does not measure more than one meter, it weighs 40 kilograms. The idea of ​​Yamaha is that its Tritown is a model oriented to a very particular profile: perform surveillance work or for recreational use in resorts.


Although, seeing the aggressive design and possibilities offered by this fun electric scooter, you will not see so difficult that more than one user ends up buying this model. And what do you think of this fun electric scooter Will you buy the Tritown?