Advantages and disadvantages of email marketing versus SMS marketing

If you are thinking of increasing the number of customers you have, two of the most interesting options in the online world are those that have as protagonists the emails and SMS text messages. The latter may be thought to be somewhat outdated, but nothing is further from reality as we will show. That s, the ideal is to execute a strategy combined with email marketing to get the best possible result.

Both options are reliable elements to establish proper channels and stable between the brands you have and the end customer, which is convenient for both companies and other possibilities (an example can be the creation of a YouTube channel, without going any further). The case is that without excluding any of the two options, there are differences that should be known before performing any action and that we will show below.

Differences between email marketing and SMS marketing

Given that the meaning and objective of both options is the same, hence the ideal is to combine them, there are things that make one or the other more recommendable among four of the criteria which are essential when establishing a communication channel with a client:

Amount at the reception

Here it is necessary to count that the number of SMS that are received throughout the day is inferior to the one of mails, something that has changed with the passage of time. This is due to the fact that for some years the companies have been betting much more strongly on the mail and known as newsletter. This has as a consequence that, even if simply surprise and curiosity, tend to pay more attention to text messages

The use of smartphones has been universalized

It is complicated that, at present, someone does not have a mobile phone (more or less modern) and, therefore, the impact of SMS is greater since it is estimated that the amount of these devices reaches 5 billion people. This changes with email, where "only" there are about 20,000 million users who are active. This obviously means that the former are more likely to have an impact on the client.

Opening rate

Here you will find a really interesting surprise. The truth is that the two types of actions are good possibilities in this section, but the SMS have a rate that reaches 90% in some cases (for twenty percent of the mail). Therefore, and due to reasons as previously explained in relation to the amount of reception, surprise is presented as a determining factor. In addition, you have to have spam filters, which can play tricks on actions performed by email.

Clickthrough rate, a crucial factor

Again the SMS win the game here, and this is a very important factor since, in many cases, if a link is not clicked, the objective of a campaign is not achieved (an example, following the opening of a YouTube channel, is that you do not visit this which is a failure). Be that as it may, in percentage it is 19 against 4.2%, against emails.

What is better between both marketing options?

Well, recommending again the use of combined actions that are optimal to reach a success to attract and consolidate customers, bet on the massive SMS campaigns It is an excellent idea because now there is a higher success rate due, among other things, to the fact that they are used less (among other things).

That's right, it's important to keep in mind that the cost of those who use SMS is higher that of emails – which is due to the fact that you have to pay for each message that is sent. The case is that giving use to these possibilities and executing an appropriate strategy and good control of the campaigns, success is not very complicated to obtain.