all the details of this smart colchn

Every time we have more devices that allow us to have a smart home. A few hours ago we talked to you about the new Xiaomi Mijia push-pull lock, and now it's your turn to SMARTP! K, the new Pikoln smart colchn, which comes to the market to offer us a better quality of sleep.

S, a new smart device manufactured with 100 per 100 Spanish technology to offer a truly amazing smart colchn. Already, in 2017 the Spanish manufacturer launched a first version of SMARTP! K from Pikoln, collecting data from 140,000 different users to know how to improve this interesting model.

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Thus, Pikoln has decided to join forces with Geeksme to launch a new version of SMARTP! k. This new intelligent column incorporates a series of new technologies that promise to offer a better user experience.

Pikoln wants to take care of our dream: this is the smart colchn SMARTP! K

One of the main strengths of this SMARTP! k It comes with the large number of sensors it incorporates. In this way, it has an artificial intelligence system. And what is it for? Well, to collect information about our rest. In this way, inform us of tips and recommendations to improve our rest.

And, the smart colchn SMARTP! k from Pikoln It is able to detect at what time we fall asleep, what percentage of it is done in deep sleep, which is more restorative, room temperature and other data that influence at bedtime. It is even able to detect two users at the same time, offering a personalized analysis of each of them. Ideal if you sleep with your partner.

All communication with this smart SMARTP! K column is done through the My Colchn application. So, in the palm of our hand we tend all the data of the way we sleep, in addition to the quality of sleep.

And beware, that this intelligent column of Pikoln have a personal assistant who, through the application, will give us recommendations to improve our rest time. We even remind ourselves that we must go around the Colchn! Regarding the price of the new models of this intelligent solution of the Spanish firm, say that They range between 619 and 719 euros depending on the model.

A really attractive price, more if we take into account the characteristics that integrates the new smart colchn SmartP! k from Pikoln.