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It’s getting easier to find a Vacuum cleaner robot in any home A few years ago, this cleaning system was available to very few. But, as costs have gone down, they have become increasingly competitive solutions. And one of the architects of this price drop has been Xiaomi.

Yes, the Asian manufacturer has an incredible range of smart cleaning devices with whom you can take a lot of work off. And now, the Shenzhen-based firm has just introduced a new robot vacuum that stands out for its more than tight price.

DEEBOT OZMO 960, as is the robot vacuum cleaner with artificial intelligence of ECOVACS

We are talking about a decaffeinated version of S1, but it still has more than enough features for any user. His big strength? The sensor LDS lser, able to detect any particle of dust.

All the details of the design and features of the new robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi

In the design section, we find a robot vacuum cleaner that has a body made of polycarbonate. Obviously, you have to reduce manufacturing costs, so your finishes are the least. To say that, we can choose between two models, in white or black.

That's right, they have a great shock and scratch resistance. Although, the most interesting point of its design comes with the fact that, this new Xiaomi robot cleaner is capable of exceeding surfaces up to 2 centimeters high, ideal so that the cables you have at home are not a problem.

On the other hand, say that, with some measures 35 x 9.45 cm, in addition to a weight of 3.6 kilograms, we are facing a really gil product. Of course, the technical section is the most interesting of this new robot cleaner of the Chinese firm.

Suction power more than enough for any average home

To start, have a 2,100 Pa suction power. On the other hand, it has a 3,500 mAh battery. With this component, it is capable of reaching 110 minutes of autonomy, more than enough to clean an area of ​​180 square meters. Or even give two passes to your house.

Continuing with the characteristics of this new robot vacuum cleaner of the company based in Shenzhen, it has tres suction modes: fast, normal and depth. The latter uses high pressure and is activated automatically when detecting carpets, carpets and other surfaces that require a greater suction power.

For these tasks, the R16-J processor that the manufacturer has released on its cleaning robot. It stands out for counting Corte A7 cores, along with a Mali400 GPU. A configuration more than enough to fulfill its objective. And yes, we can control any parameter from our mobile phone.

As usual in devices of this type, the new robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi is able to map our home to create an optimal cleaning route. To do this, use the 12 sensors, responsible for calculating the dimensions of the surface to be cleaned. In addition to detecting any obstacle or unevenness.

The best? Your LDS laser that helps create the most appropriate routes to maximize your battery. Regarding the official price of the new robot vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi, this model is available on YouPin, the manufacturer's collective financing platform, for 1,799 yuan, less than 230 euros to change.