Blades, a huge action and RPG game

It had been almost a year since Bethesda announced the launch of its game for smartphones The Elder Scrolls: Blades. The game raised great expectation at the time of the announcement; getting a good number of participants in the previous registration, the page that The Elder Scrolls: Blades had on Google Play. And just last week began the open beta.

Although Bethesda opened the download to anyone without the game being finished that does not mean that you can openly play The Elder Scrolls: Blades on Android since an invitation is needed. Applying for it is as simple as registering on this page with the Bethesda account. We already have ours.

Last night we received Bethesda's invitation to finally try The Elder Scrolls: Blades on Android. Download the beta, enter the account information, download the additional data (almost 900 MB) and we set out to enter the vast virtual world that opens on screen. High quality graphics are the first thing that attracts attention, also the control system and the open scenarios for exploration.

Play both vertically and horizontally: The Elder Scrolls: Blades suits everyone

Bethesda is unmarked from most developers giving the player the option to enjoy The Elder Scrolls: Blades as you please. What do you want to play with the screen vertically? No problem. Use it in landscape format? Anyway, just turn the smartphone so that the game environment suits the new position. Although yes, horizontally is how the complexity of the scenario is best appreciated; obtaining in return a greater immersion.

Game control mix the touches on the screen with the double virtual pad: left part of the screen moves the character; right part controls the point of view. With this triple control we can move to almost any point of the scenarios since these are more or less open. Exploring them is essential to get from gold to construction elements, also objects that serve as powerup.

As a role play that is, The Elder Scrolls: Blades It maintains enormous complexity in everything that involves managing our character. We can customize it among all available races by managing all its physical features. In addition, we have a complete profile of skills that we will complete as we gain more and level up. Improving will become complicated, as usually happens in any freemium game: The pressure of purchases is important, although not decisive.

Resource management is especially important in the game because not only will we have to fight, explore and improve our character, we will also have to rebuild our town while we customize it according to our tastes. Bethesda He has planned well the economic return of the game: those who seek to accelerate progress will have many ways to achieve it. Under our experience, free players will not be harmed, at least as long as they do not compete online with other opponents; something not yet available: Arena mode will be active later.

High-level 3D graphics with detailed and recognizable scenarios from The Elder Scrolls

Bethesda has taken time to adapt the essence of The Elder Scrolls to mobile platforms. The result is a very good adaptation that maintains some freedom for the player while integrating the most characteristic elements of the saga. Natural environments very well recreated, suffocating dungeons full of mysteries and dangers, races and recognizable characters … The feeling is to have in your hands a great development even if the missions are somewhat limited in extent and variety.

The game begins leaving us at the mercy of the forest. The graphics impact the first test: it is essential have a mobile with some power to play The Elder Scrolls: Blades. And when the time comes to fight the combat mode is activated with a mechanic adapted to the touch screens that, however, waters when the complexity of the fight intensifies.

The view is in the first person, so the sword has to be handled by pressing on the screen and sliding the line in the direction we want to hit «the sable». We can protect ourselves with the shield, an icon too small on the right side of the screen that often escapes when pressed to contain the attack. And things get complicated when magic, skills and objects come in; with colored stripes at the bottom. The result is a hodgepodge that costs a lot to control, it is also difficult to get the magic right.

Facing melee with enemies is something that has to be done constantly. The former will be easy to bend, but as we progress through the game, ending "the bad guys" will be much more difficult. The Elder Scrolls: Blades allows us to improve the character with a tree of skills, another of advantages and one more of abilities. To add each of these elements we will need crystals that we will gain as we improve.

Collect objects, building materials, costumes that improve our character, chests that force a wait to open them … And the usual double currency of freemium games Resource management: gold and gems. As usual, every time you have to build something, improve it or open a chest the time will rise depending on the complexity of the process. This time can be eliminated by redeeming gems, one of the most difficult elements to obtain based on exploration.

In-app purchases are very high in cost: from 2.19 euros to 104.99 euross. The pressure on purchases is not exaggerated, The Elder Scrolls: Blades allows a fluid and complete game without paying a cent. Of course, there comes a time when evolving becomes too arduous if we do not have a large "warehouse" of objects, money and raw materials.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a complex game, extensive and with all the quality of Bethesda

After playing the first hours with the last Bethesda game we can say that it lives up to our expectations. It is exciting, complex, highly immersive and with the full spectrum of possibilities that any fan of The Elder Scrolls. The mobile needs shorten the extension of the missions and some developments, but, as a general rule, we can say that the adaptation keeps the type by far.

The graphics are of high quality, also the story remains level. The needs of "farmeo" slightly sharpen the experience, also the use of gems to advance some exaggerated execution times. Negative details are understandable before the style free-to-play from The Elder Scrolls.

It is not yet complete since the Arena and the Abyss mode they are not available, but, for all that has been proven, we can say that The Elder Scrolls: Blades for Android is one of those games that must be tested. The overall quality is superb; with the fault of that a powerful mobile is essential. We have tested it on a Samsung Galaxy S10 + and on a Huawei P30 Pro obtaining a superb gaming experience.

The beta of The Elder Scrolls: Blades Now available for download, you can download it from the Google Play Store. And if you want to get an invitation to access the game test you can request it from this Bethesda page. We recommend it.