Bluetooth speaker with vintage design

More and more users have a Bluetooth speaker in the room, due to the comfort they offer and how easy it is to listen to them on the music they have on smartphones (either locally or in services such as Spotify). If you are looking for the accessory to also add a good design, one of the options is LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker.

This model has a completely vintage look, reminiscent of the radios that exist in the forties – where coils and wood was an essential part of getting the stations tuned. The case is that LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent choice for those who like products vintage but who do not want to miss the advances offered by current technology. By the way, the bronze-colored metal finishes are the most attractive (in what has to do with the dimensions that this product offers are the following: 347 x 142 x 269 mm, while the weight amounts to 45 kg).

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The autonomous Offering this product thanks to its rechargeable battery exceeds 10 o'clock, so it is not a problem to take it on vacation to places where it is not easy to find sockets. By the way, one of the best details offered by LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker is the large number of options it offers to the music player, since they are quite a few sources it admits Apart from Bluetooth itself: USB port; Memory card reader; and even has a jack input of 3.5 millimeters of the most useful. Apart from what is indicated, there is no lack of tuner FM Radio to the speaker, which fits with its vintage look.

LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker sound quality

Without being the most powerful Bluetooth speaker on the market, it offers a sound loud enough to be a solvent solution for all types of rooms and, of course, also in the living room. We say this because it offers 25 W on its 5.25 inch driver (which is accompanied by another one inch so that the highs are well defined and a passive radiator). By the way, LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker includes technology Power bass, which increases the depth of the bass.

Other options which are part of this accessory are the ones listed below:

  • Includes control buttons that are accompanied by an LCD management screen
  • Integrate microphone that allows you to use it hands-free and record ambient sound
  • Free equalization options and also with options already set
  • Bluetooth connectivity compatible with stereo sound
  • Compatible with karaoke reproductions
  • Synchronization with another LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker to increase playback quality

Buy LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker

It is possible to get one of these speakers in different online stores, among which is Amazon (we leave the link behind this paragraph). What you have to pay to buy a LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker is from 70 euros not counting transport, so it offers a good quality / price ratio. Without a doubt, a very good option for lovers of "retro".

Buy the LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker Bluetooth speaker

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