can be reinstalled from the cloud

Surely on more than one occasion you thought it would be an excellent option to reinstall the operating system Windows 10 from the cloud, true? Well, it seems that Microsoft plans to take the step and, fortunately, occur earlier than you can think.

Specifically what Redmond's company is working on is offering the possibility to proceed to reinstallations Windows 10 to users who use their operating system. In this way, this new option will be added to the current one that allows this to be done directly locally from the internal disk itself or by using a USB flash drive. Thus, simplicity will be increased when starting again with a computer in the event that you want the operating system to be "clean" for whatever reason (such as a malfunction or, simply, to get rid of the equipment you have).

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The new function is part of the technology called BootUX, and the use will be of the most intuitive, since according to the source of the information once the reinstallation of the operating system is selected in the usual way in the configuration of Windows 10, it seems the option to proceed in a traditional way or, in its default, use a new cloud-based service (which will make it essential to have internet connection). The fact is that the use of an online image ensure that use is made to the last version of the development of Microsoft and, in addition, always be possible to format the complete content of the PC.

Arrival of the new function for Windows 10

Well it seems that this will happen with the arrival of Windows 10 20H1, which is expected in the first vera of 2020, and it is already in the testing phase by some of the testers that collaborate closely with Microsoft (in development 18950 it is in which the first indications have been seen that confirm that this option of reinstalling the operating system is real and that be possible to use).

An interesting detail is that the possibility of proceeding to an installation from the operating system cloud will also be part of the Lite version of Microsoft software that is preparing – again – to compete with Chrome OS. The use of the Internet to perform many operations is very large, and an example is what we show and that is part of the work that is now known as Windows 10 Core.

The truth is that this function will be a success on the part of the company led by Satya Nadella, since allowing a much greater flexibility by reinstalling Windows 10 in all types of environments and needs. And, in addition, it seems that the options offered are really wide, since you can erase all the contents of the computer or, failing that, keep the user's files.

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