discourage Cortana so that it goes faster

Microsoft's operating system is the solution most used by users. While it is true that Linux is a great alternative, the Windows 10 performance It is superior, simply because it has a greater number of games and applications available for this SEO of the American giant. The problem? That sometimes our PC or laptop does not perform how it should.

There are many reasons why the Windows 10 performance in our computer is not the one that should. We may have too much preinstalled garbage, although there are also applications and services that we do not use and consume memory, reducing the speed of our computer. And one of them is Cortana.

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The popular voice assistant from Microsoft has some really interesting features. In this way, Cortana can read our email, for example. The problem is that, this service consumes much more than you think, reducing the performance of Windows 10. If you have a very powerful computer, you will not notice a difference, but if you do not use the Microsoft voice assistant, it is worth knowing How to install Cortana of your device.

So you can uninstall Cortana to improve performance in Windows 10

To get rid of the Microsoft assistant and improve the performance of Windows 10 on your desktop or laptop, all you have to do is open the service. To do this, you have to go to the taskbar and write Cortana. Once you have opened the voice assistant of the American giant, you should look for the configuration icon, the typical cogwheel, to access the settings.

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The next step is to deactivate all the functions related to the voice assistant. Vers that there are options, such as deactivating the option «Hi Cortana»So that this voice command no longer works, in addition to the«Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas … ». Once you have followed these steps, the wizard will be completely disabled.

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In this way, Cortana will no longer appear in the taskbar, so the Windows 10 performance on our desktop or laptop improve significantly. There is a second option that will allow us to eliminate the voice assistant completely, but we do not recommend it. You should access "Regedit" and look for Cortana's option to remove it. But, if you are wrong in the process, you can make the operating system stop working. And, taking into account that following our steps will be more than enough to not consume memory, it is not worth risking.