download the only ski game in the open world

Winter is over and we are fully in the spring, but that is no excuse to keep skis out of mind. It can even be a good excuse: with the game that we highlight you can move to the mountain to slide snow down. It is original in all its aspects: both in design and in gameplay and graphics. Above, it gives you all the freedom, something strange in a mobile game.

We could say, always saving the distances, that Grand Mountain Adventure is a kind of Steep adapted to mobile screens. The concept is quite similar since the game gives us total freedom to move through the snow. Of course, only with skis; and in an overhead view that reveals the immensity of the mountain.

Grand Mountain Adventure, a ski game that goes beyond downhill

The game takes a while in development and is still in beta. It offers very good graphic quality and an open experience through the five mountains available. Yes, only the first one is free since for the rest you have to pay with a micropayment within the game.

Once we climb with the chairlift to the top of the mountain we can do what we want. What do you want to climb backwards? Ahead. What do you feel like going down to an open grave? Perfect. What do you prefer to test your expertise entering the descent track and see how you get around the flags? Nothing prevents you: in Grand Mountain Adventure You command on skis.

Grand Mountain Adventure offers 5 different mountains and 10 different styles to compete. It is possible to do tricks and tricks, something that requires some experience. The game system is immersive, without ties and without the obligation to score or descend in the shortest possible time: It is the player who decides.

You can try right now Grand Mountain Adventure: We recommend it. The game is available completely with the first mountain, the least extensive, included in the download, which is free. The graphic style is taken care of in detail, the mountains are recreated with the majesty of the real terrain and the feeling of gliding through the snow is very successful. You can see the huge work behind this original winter game.

Grand Mountain Adventure It is available in the Google Play Store. At the moment in beta, but the game works without complications.