Download what you want to see it offline with this new app

Although having an Internet connection anywhere facilitates the tasks since we can access the information whenever we want, there will always be times when we will not have connection; Or maybe we want to save mobile data, of course. It is possible to save a lot of information accessible through the Internet, but nothing like having a tool that manage all downloads automatically and easily.

In our usual review of the news of the Google Play Store we have encountered Offliner, an app that works great to have any content offline. Webs, video, music… The app is responsible for downloading everything to the phone in case we want to enjoy it offline. The pity is that it is very limited in its free version, but it is worth doing a test.

With Offliner you can download websites, videos and audio files in a comfortable and uncomplicated way

The app to which we refer has the appearance of a download manager with an integrated web browser. We can share any link with Offliner and add it to the download queue: the application will take care of downloading the links to the phone. Not only that, we can also use the integrated browser in order to find the content to download from the same application. When you locate what you want, just click on the cloud icon with the arrow, bottom right.

Offliner has a lower selector to mark the type of content you want. You can make it download the web, the video that is inserted in it or the music. As we said, you will be adding all the links to the queue to download them in order; having different folders where you will place the different files. When you have no connection, simply access Offliner and enjoy everything downloaded.

It has no complications and works very well; neither has strange permits and lacks publicity. Yes, It is very limited in its free options: allows only one download every two hours; offering an annual subscription for downloads and unlimited queue for 19.99 euros. It's expensive, especially since you can get almost the same using several apps; although Offliner centralizes very well all the functions offering a simple and fast access. It is a good app if you don't want to break your head.

You can download Offliner No cost at the following link to the Google Play Store.