Features of this accessory that teaches English

The amount of devices that launches Xiaomi is incredible. And, in addition, it does so with products that are very different and some even surprising. An example is the last one that has been known and whose name is Xiaomi DuYQYQ AI Pro. We show what it offers.

With this product, what you get is learn english by using different multimedia content. Obviously it is not the first to be launched in the market of this type, but it is for the Asian company. In what has to do with the design, everything is governed by a screen frontal which is the one used to visualize the progress. As you can see in the image that we leave behind this paragraph, Xiaomi DuYQYQ AI Pro is oriented to be a tool used by the smallest of the house since the integrated software indicates it.

XiaomiDuYQYQ AI Pro, with good quality courses

This is one of the key factors offered by this device, since all those included belong to the US CSS standard, and different options are available depending on the age – and the cooking – of the person using the accessory. Thus, it is possible to find 24 different lessons in which there are more than 1,000 vocabulary words up to 184 interactive topics where multimedia content They are very present (both video and audio). By the way, there are concrete options to improve pronunciation, which is always positive.

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As we have indicated before one of the key elements of Xiaomi DuYQYQ AI Pro is that it integrates a screen. This is in color and has resignations of four inch (with resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels). An interesting detail is that this element has a clear preventive approach, so it warns the user if it is too close – less than 25 centimeters – and has blue light filter, so it does not negatively affect sleep.

Other details and price of Xiaomi DuYQYQ AI Pro

Apart from what has been mentioned so far, a battery of 7,800 mAh, which ensures that it can be used for long periods of time (more than seven hours without problems). In addition, two polycarbonate enclosures are included in the inner area shortcut buttons to manage the progress made in the lessons. By the way, it includes WiFi connectivity to communicate with smartphones.

Xiaomi DuYQYQ AI Pro can be obtained in both blue and pink, and it is already possible to buy it in China. Its price is 899 yuan, which in return stays in about 115 euros. There is no news of his official arrival in other regions outside of Asia, which forces him to resort to importation.

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