filtered the user interface and its price

Google wants to compete with Apple when it comes to offering a service that allows access to many of the content in its Android store for a fixed price per month. His name be Play pass, and details that are important, such as the price they will have, have been known.

The operation of Play Pass will be similar to Apple Arcade, but in the case of the development of the Mountain View company you can find both applications like games. And, in addition, they will have the appeal of have no ads of any type and even all potential internal comparisons will be activated. Therefore, we talk about improved versions to be part of the service.

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One of the new data that has been known of the platform that Google prepares is the price that will have access to the service. According to the source of the information, what users who decide to sign up for Play Pass will have to pay will be the following: $ 4.99 (Normally, a direct conversion to euros is made). There is a ten-day test to know if it is worthwhile to use the product of the American company.

It seems like the real tests with testers have already begun, and there is an option family so that the cost for the different members of these is lower -and thus be able to save-. That is, to occur as in other subscriptions that exist for Android devices, such as Spotify.

Data from the potential Play Pass catalog

In the captures that have been published of the aspect that the new service will have, which will maintain an aesthetic very similar to that offered by the Play Store, some of the games that will be included initially. Some of them are the following: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons; Monument Valley; Knights of the Old Republic; and limbo. The number of available developments is expected every month exceed one hundred, so we talk about an extensive catalog for users who decide to subscribe to Play Pass.

There is no exact date for the official arrival to the Play Pass market, but taking into account that for a year there is data regarding the intention of the firm to launch such a service – and because the real tests have started-, it won't be strange that before the end of 2019 deployment begins in different regions (starting with the US). Are you one of those who value signing up?

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