Free apps on offer in Android compatible Play Store

If you have a phone or tablet with Android, one of the best things that can be done with them to get the most out of them is to get developments that are very useful. One of the options for this is that you take advantage of the free applications on offer that exist right now in the Play Store.

All the jobs we have chosen can be obtained in this way by Limited time in the official Google store, so it should not take long to dedicate when downloading. In addition its reliability is excellent, as its quality since they are the improvements that can be achieved this week in our opinion. By the way compatibility With the different devices it is very high, which is a positive detail but it is important.

The best tricks to make the most of the Play Store

The free applications on offer that we recommend

These are the links in the Google store where you can find the developments that we believe that worth it This week among all those on offer due to the existence of promotions.

OnSite Checklist – Quality & Safety Inspector

This development offers the possibility of creating checklists in which you can indicate that the options have been completed. If they include many possibilities when it comes to managing the contents and there is no lack of notifications that allow you to always be informed of what has been done and what remains to be done.

If you do not like the Galley that is included in your device, this work is a good option that you should try, since possibilities of all kinds are included when organizing what you see on the screen and, also, when sharing the Photos. It does not lack a small editing tool that does not come wrong sometimes. One of the free applications on offer that is interesting.

Home Workout MMA Spartan Pro

A development that offers physical circuits that allow you to lower the fart in an efficient way and with a large amount of multimedia content so that everything runs correctly. No accessories are needed to complete routines that take no more than a few minutes a day. It is an application well resolved in the aesthetic.

Smart Wi-Fi Hotspot PRO

This work has a very defined function: to create WiFi access points in Android terminals in an efficient and complete way. It includes many more possibilities than the operating system itself offers, so it is highly recommended if you have to use hot-spot on a regular basis. No doubt about the free applications on offer that must be tested.

Space Cityscape 3D

If the futuristic images fit your way of being, this development allows you to put many of this type as a wallpaper on your Android device, be it a phone or tablet. It offers high compatibility with different resolutions and, the truth is that the quality of the content is quite high.

QR and Barcode Scanner PRO

Pro Scanner

RAM & Game Booster

SwimE – swim entries, swim times, swim comparison

VectorScapes – Wallpaper Pack

If they are options for have fun with your Android What you are looking for, the games on offer for free this week is exactly what you are looking for. These promotions also have a limited time, so you should not miss much to take advantage of them.