Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X: will it be worth it? – Video

Hi hello friends from Spain's cinema and this week the news is quite interesting because nothing more and nothing less than the galaxy two.
He comes back to life at stake and I have been seen on the street and additionally kingdom will have to pay and quite expensive problems.
Privacy and French sauce that I go Garzn since the week Encinas in Spain.
The most important information of the week is undoubtedly so that Mexico is going to have to pay five billion dollars in the United States as a fine for some of its privacy problems that the company has had in recent years.
Of course, what we have been waiting for during the last few months to know what was going to happen which injury causes the consequences and good now both of us and Gabriel Sabatini in the origins have more details of this news.
Well, without doubt one of the most important news this week was the gigantic fine. That the United States Government gave FaceBook five billion dollars.
On the side of the Federal Trade Commission one hundred million dollars more on the side to the stock and securities commission.
And well of this in particular the fine of five billion is the largest fine that has been imposed on a company in all history the previous greater being twenty-five points five million is a gigantic fine in comparison.
But many people have criticized. Because of course FaceBook bill up to fifty billion dollars a year and consider that five billion is very little I think.
That is money that will send a very strong message to technology companies so that they take much more care with our personal data.
That they make a much bigger effort with privacy and in particular FaceBook will have to commit to create an internal committee.
To make sure there are many changes.
Not only structurally minded but there is much greater attention to all these matters Marx observed the executive president will have to sign every three months.
A certifying that important changes are being made.
To win ensure that your data and children take care much more remember that all this has to do with the scandal of Cambridge analytics. That will change the way FaceBook operates and in the future also change the way.
They recover all other silicn valley companies in regards to our personal data and our privacy.
June but, above all, I conquered something quite expected, remember Campuzano poltica, remember that almost every time we know new problems that Peg has had.
Last week I had problems with messenger for children because I allowed people who do not know these children how about the adult.
They were able to communicate with the business at the end of the day. I think the fine has been well imposed. I don't know.
The interesting thing is that FaceBook is really going to learn something or it won't continue having the same problems.
We cannot say that they are necessarily doing it on purpose but they have had problems constantly and we do not know that with this soon to be a little more cautious with more information about people and access than having we also have more security on that platform.
It is especially interesting to check three months of March that you will have to decide if there is really any security problem, the bait is guaranteeing this privacy to users, so I think it is a very important step for companies of their families and in general any company that we already pay attention to.
What he does with our data and now we are going to move further with the phone that everyone was waiting for.
Or some people that I see from the referendums that the fire was waiting for Juan assured of good times but not the former doing the best of all is that I think that much to be thinking about doing one day we do not have an eleven news regretted the galaxy fund.
That finally Samsung announces easy without waiting for it, they almost demand a lot of tap detail, but they didn't say much, we're not going to just say that enough operators are available in September at the time to some operators that will have it available, I also think that Juan knows more information about the availability through the Samsung website us.
It has been said basically that those who already compared it in pre-sale at least initially in a have again to buy it again if they chose to keep that pre-sale order they made at that time I think it was in March April then something positive the I love exactly in what markets later because.
And they said that to reveal more details about launching again we have no idea the price stays the same I don't think it will change but what they said is basically the changes they made was to improve the problems they obviously had.
In giving it a more structure.
Strong desert good for the top and bottom of the mass to take out there is not so much space these placed different protective layers.
So that no matter is entered, or with the jocular club, it does exactly that part that was between the Garay view and the screen, and even when it was on the screen, it was also waiting for the extra layer of extra water that had plastic on the screen. I have not really caused the problem really sincerely, I believe that this is the most important problem and the other, but more serious, this is the question of the user to take them, they were able to educate me by the users.
It may help that the phone continues to work but the other if it cannot be avoided and really damage the screen.
This is when they removed that thin layer that comes up because it turns out that he praises what the statement said Estela made as more extensive is what people are trying in the.
What I understand really new about her from what I understand basically amounted to her so that the hundred-hour wind can now be seen below the index with which you can see it can be removed in a simple way.
Because basically it is no longer an integral part of the screen.
The other aspect that they mentioned basically so that in the upper lower part back also where the phone was constantly bent to enter different dust plus my particular items so that on the screen.
I have climbed little showed no ball to be broken that is the most serious then also shorten a little space and to improve.
Let them make sure that not when entering fatal so many objects directly that we have not tested our motion is true September but in the price process it happens to be the second attempt in the masters to be really convinced to be the third party.
To which it was stolen, we declined this percent this week.
Of the mistakes that we believe that saints are committing and precisely this theme of the garage for and also facing the seventh century and that people begin to lose confidence in Samsung products.
It was one of the themes there we created in the and also so you can access to write and one of the things also because I think it is more important.
And on top of buying this phone, I just went out to the street asking many people to say yes but the truth is that a phone that is worth almost two thousand dollars Samsung has said that it will change the price we do not believe that it will change and the moment there is no rival to it.
Well, only twenty X but well, who is going to buy we are going to buy for the extension for the analysis and Juan Rivero eleven has not Vanessa so that they do not fall approve to torture them not to have forests not to delay or not.
It is that he has abandoned me to thousands of control that we do what he does is that of the first generation but I know that I think he is the main contender but they delayed him they have delayed him but we do not know when he will arrive in Sali for the e.
Many problems all plans have delayed.
But I know this week that I left executive president of the mobile division of players played today because this is a phone on the street talking to console.
Deployable Paul Neil and what to say that at least a thousand Gallo is testing and that who knows if in the near future maybe stop will not stand out and Fish in September.
And at least the phone is a limited edition so that we can no longer we too for the we do not have too many details Paul MX but not me.
Something sure I do not think that arrives in the United States really good arrives in the United States order in some parts of the world Europe I believe and Asia are the main markets for Juan what sense we are.
The United States has not been marked more things a great potential for Juan Pern to the best goalkeeper was not and we do not want to get that phone that is even more expensive.
Of what the galactic is.
For now we do not believe that it is the phone to arrive until June although we hope that at least in Europe with their companions they will propose but that they send us a style car to detect it and of the twenty passes.
Because there was already a case of this.
But I do not think that if you let it go through I think it will be difficult to send us one considering that it will be very limited lioness banned European media with the champions for the standout wallet.
Jennifer but they don't pay the heroes we buy it the same way it doesn't sell it in the United States between locations according to.
Let us use our friends to reserve for tens of thousands of in Europe what they did for us, we pay it, we send it so we go forward to the bomb located and then they are also postul you break but break it but I surrounded it in that it seems that no Decay studies how they do with the iPhone with discuss pain and now we go more to other phones that were launched.
This week and they continue to eat well because at least a little cheaper among them Juan is the vote.
Six is ​​exactly the cheap phone one hundred and forty-one dollars in his story is very cheap very dueling.
It involves problems depression in the United States competition does not have so much competition because Motorola led in that low and middle range clearly has not dispatched Mini Juan buet.
Worldwide that its a little more delicate because Chao mtines that was very good very cheap that competes not only with specifications on the way a more attractive design the amount of six is ​​the most beautiful phone we have seen that it seems that this time five a little prettier because it resembles or more than what the five or.
The specific one on Monday was three crises people say I bought a cheap phone.
Believe that a good option at this time that was tried but that you would tell people.
First, then, the conclusion is when we do the analysis but in the United States, so it is a good option for its price worldwide if you have to have more fifty bye, especially Powell.
Not so much I really believe that Chao mi is the clear leader in that aspect too cheap phones offer an experience.
So I do not think that they will really surprise Motorola, surprising motorla, suffocating low-end mid-range and good in the United States, it excels in other markets not so much because it has much more complex but.
Now we also have to count on Forln this week in China with Forln only eye normally who better moves it X so they cost between one hundred fifty and two hundred dollars are also quite economical they do not arrive in the United States it takes accent is that we can buy a Let's go together.
He may arrive in Europe because of the color of a strong presence in Europe.
In Latin America I think that the princess is not very strong, she is not very strong, but some markets in which they sell the device do not change in the last few months, with those connected to them until it is more with one in Latin America.
Also plays a comment I think that Colombia will sell it prohibit the third of Colombia asked the volume and quality that are asked where and I wonder where the average due in Spain if not areas.
To a certain extent, Juan, in the case of the twenty-ninth forum X forum and in the three chambers, it costs fifty-two hundred dollars, as well as to the people who are among this new engine.
And from the Post cone it seems that they owe in three families with timely three cameras to more and like the sky one thousand nine thousand P than the yellow in the southern ones to retake the one and it is economical so we have to give it a chance to review the no They send it to be for the reason why he earned enough.
And now Juan as I know that you love the wounds in the Patricia Puente region tell us forty recommendations a week is a man said he was suspended to lend them.
Well, these polls like last week Juan let us call him Spanish series.
They recommended in English with a majority of children, it takes a little bit of Spanish to be with Snchez de nen black premieres this Friday on netflix its seventh season is released and last season is one of the series that together with house of arts Frank the first to the platform external in two thousand three six.
I have got that netflix has gone to the growing putting original series that is now in not only in a streaming service with series of other channels in any case the previous season we see how pas but.
E finally living room of the house and use this season we will see a little how it is to live in the real world that has to face.
We will continue to be many of the dams that remain in the prison and also.
There will be other plots related to that end of the season in which we saw that there will be a center.
For the detention of immigrants. In any case sper interesting as always I have a lot of female characters.
Strong with interesting stories. That you don't like the series but we interview one of her actresses and this interview will be published with him already this Saturday at that common point.
With the goals and cross criticizing them in the English we can not deny it of course we do not go to what I think disorder lula cont and as the stars enter four seasons the seventh season that not the week Uruguay and I really think I missed some seasons juande that already a recommendation this week I played in the house for full carrier benefits the Apple house made the first season will be Athletic in English because until he with fifteen to a Spanish style.
As he tastes the acronym in English but what I want to recommend to the English agency of the or not spoken in English is not said well I do not know if it happens well enough comfortable because it says that it distracts the Spanish accent in crops are beings that one of medical violence be registered.
The problem is that I prefer those beings in English because it is more fiction in a certain way with Spanish accent ABC not of so much quality that this condition that Hollywood is not so accustomed to the best that it was possible more accustomed to we agreed badly.
According to which the good concept was unleashed, we are going to forgive that there is no Associated Press.
They still keep it before we are going to do it, we forgive it but they do not comment that we forgive it but I do not feel that they remember that every week we are leaving some questions this week we will also be doing update before talking about karasin at ten and Juan is leaving the week Coming to New York
To see him approve it to have the humans traveled so that we break even if he assures here he ventures to August 7, the coverage is exhausted here Encinas in Spain we go to a live block and Juan went down from there commenting on the two four in the rest of the also that you can not miss we leave them in the if the Indian block so that even here it does cinema in Spain already Csar Sampaio with Garzn station the week Encinas in Spain.
In the la.