Game of Thrones returns with the game Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall

If you like everything that has to do with the universe of Game of Thrones, there are news that are interesting for you and your mobile terminal. A new game comes to operating systems iOS and Android which is based on the universe created by George R.R. Martin and is called Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall.

The development, as announced by HBO itself, is a title of strategy, something that is not usual in this franchise but that has already been experienced on some occasion, and what has to be done is nothing less than lead the Night's Watch to prevent the Seven Kingdoms from falling into bad hands – which is what lies behind the Wall. Undoubtedly, a theme that more than one will attract attention and, in addition, will have some small role strokes so that this game based on Game of Thrones is as attractive as possible.

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All the characters that have a weight in Game of Thrones will be present in Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall and, therefore, its use can be used in a limited way and if it evolves correctly (and we refer to both sides). The case is that everything will have to be done to establish a good economy to create units and even be able to recruit of some of the kingdoms he is defending. Therefore, troops from the Lannister, Stark and even Dorne can be seen on the wall.

Some more details based on Game of Thrones

Apart from being assured of quality since the developer is Behavior Interactive, which has created titles such as Westworld Mobile (and, therefore, already has a history behind the collaboration with HBO), there will be certain magical touches in the form of arcian trees – and with some visions that will allow players to prevent what is to come. By the way, the story takes place chronologically before the moments narrated by the Game of Thrones series that ended last month and that has been one of the best that has existed in history to date.

With three-dimensional graphics and a soundtrack inspired by the series itself, it has been confirmed that this new game will be available for both iOS and Android operating system terminals, but unfortunately no release date has been indicated (but it is expected this summer, students in principle). Besides, it has been confirmed that gradually the contents will be updated from Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall, so many hours of play are guaranteed. By the way, it is already possible to register to not miss anything about this development.