Google hides a new game that you can try offline

TO Google He loves to hide secrets among his developments, what is commonly known as «Easter eggs»Or«easter eggs«. And taking advantage of the fact that we are within a short time of entering that season, Easter, the company has thought of hiding a new game when there is no Internet connection on the mobile and we try to do a search.

Until now it was the pixelated dinosaur the one in charge of occupying the time while the Internet connection returned. It's not that Google has traded one game for another since the old dinosaur continue in Chrome browser, but now we can control a cloud in a kind of adaptation of the mythical Flappy Bird.

Do you remember the Flappy bird? You know, that devilish game in which you had to control a bird that took flight just when we put our finger on the screen. Well, Google has adapted the concept to turn offline moments into a kind of skill challenge. How many points can you get with the new Google cloud?

Access the Google Flappy Bird searching offline through your app

Just like the dinosaur appears in Chrome when there is no internet connection, the new cloud game jumps if a search is performed from the Google application when the mobile is disconnected. The animation of a cloud appears and, when clicking on it, the game is accessed.

The mechanics of the game itself has no complication: press on the screen and the cloud will take flight; Combine the touches and go dodging birds, storm clouds or rain clouds. Easy to handle, incredibly difficult to get a good score.

The game awards points based on how much progress is being drawn by obstacles. As with the dinosaur, on the other hand. Of course, no scores are saved and there is no world ranking, Google would have to think about it. Why not associate the score to our account when the mobile reconnects? As with the rest of compatible titles with Play games.

We have been testing without our being able to appear in the latest stable version of the application of Google. Yes it comes out in the last beta; that you can download from Apk Mirror. Hopefully, Google will expand the game to all phones as its app updates.