Google Translate accepts more languages ​​in instant translation

It is an obvious fact that the Google translator is one of the best tools available to translate all kinds of texts. And now, after the last Google Translate update, the powerful application of the Internet giant further improves its functionality, becoming your best ally if you are leaving Spain during this summer vacation.

And, we had been hearing rumors about a massive update of the Google translation service for a long time to add a good number of languages. Said and done: the company based in Mountain View has issued a statement through its official blog informing of the arrival of new features to Android devices.

How to download languages ​​in Google Translate to use them offline

One of the best Google Translate options It comes with the possibility of instantly translating some foreign languages. To do this, you just had to open the application and select the device camera.

More languages ​​to translate instantly and other news from Google Translate

With the application open, all you have to do is write down the text to be translated, and the Google translator takes care of the rest. In addition, this functionality is available even if you do not have an Internet connection on your mobile; you only need to have the languages ​​to be translated downloaded to your device.

How to use the Google translator in any Android application

Now, the company has added a total of 60 new languages, including Hindi, Arabic, Malay, Vietnamese and Thai to offer simultaneous translation through the camera of your phone or tablet.

With a total of 88 languages ​​available, the Google translation application Earn integers to become a must in your phone or tablet. In addition, its Neural Machine Translation Technology offers much more accurate and natural results, reducing errors between 55 and 85 percent.

And what is better, we can also select the option to detect language so that Google does the corresponding translation automatically without having to worry about anything. Ideal if we travel to a country where different languages ​​are spoken. Google Translate update It corresponds to version 5.29 and, it is not yet available in Spain, but over the next few weeks we will be able to start using this new version of the translator of the great G, our best companion for this summer vacation.