Headphones better than AirPods for sports

The arrival of good weather is the starting signal for many to begin to perform sport in a habitual way, since the temperature accompanies better than in winter. Wearing headphones is an excellent idea to entertain yourself, and we show several models that are perfect for this and better than Airpods.

The freedom offered by the independent headphones, such as the Apple model, is great and allows greater comfort when doing sports (whether riding a bike or practicing running). But in the case of the AirPods, they are not exactly the most recommended to take them when exercising, because despite what the Cupertino company itself has shown, the resistance that they offer in front of liquids – such as water or sweat – It is not the most recommended. Therefore, taking them over in the gym can be shot in the foot.

Therefore, if AirPods are damaged by sweat, for example, the guarantee offered by these headphones does not run and you will have to pay to get a replacement in case you want to continue using this Apple accessory. Therefore, we believe that it is a better option that, if you want to take the music with you when going for a run, it is best to decide on models that ensure that you will not have problems even if it rains when you are away from home.

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Headphones for sports better than AirPods

Then we leave several models of independent headphones that are a more recommended option when doing sports, since they offer compatibility with IP protection -and, therefore, has no problems with sweat as with the model of the Cupertino company-. By the way, its price is also quite attractive, which is always an extra that is appreciated:


A model that has as one of its peculiarities the small dimensions it offers, so they are very comfortable to use. Its protection against the guide is IPX5, which ensures that sweat does not affect them as much as possible, and the manufacturer indicates that it is possible to use them for up to fifteen hours without having to recharge.

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OxaOxe Sports

A model with full water protection and also includes a case that integrates battery, so it is possible to charge them anywhere (even if there is no power outlet). The sound quality offered by this accessory with greater protection than the AirPods is HD, and it has silicone pads in three sizes.

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Prixton TWS151S

A model that has an additional support that is appreciated, and much, when doing sports. Only 7.5 grams of each item weighs, and its IPX7 protection ensures that neither sweat nor rain is a problem. The case allows up to three charging cycles, which is a good detail, and is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0.

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Arespark Mini Twins Stereo

The best of all that this model offers is that its sound is of quite good quality, since it reproduces HD content and, in addition, includes noise cancellation, which is a detail to be valued very seriously. Better in water protection than AirPods, its case offers an integrated 500 mAh battery.

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SYOSIN Stero Sport

First of all, this accessory stands out for offering a design that is really attractive, where there is no lack of good ergonomics so that it is not difficult to wear them when doing sports. Its protection is IPX7, which gives it a good resistance, and it does not lack noise cancellation so in the gym the background music does not bother. A good option

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