How to archive posts to hide on Instagram

Who else and who least uses Instagram to share what is done in specific moments, either in a photo or with a video. But, sometimes, something that has been published does not fit fully with what was sought, and it is hoped that it cannot be seen by other users without deleting it. This is achieved filing and we show how to do it.

The truth is that the impact that Instagram currently has is high, and has become the platform par excellence for show the world what is done and, even, it can be considered as an ideal option to catalog memories of places that are dressed or important things that occur. But they always commit mistakes By making something public, and apart from the possibility of deleting something on the social network owned by Facebook, there is the possibility of archiving it.

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When you do this with a post, it is not removed from the user's profile, but this is the only one who can see it and, therefore, absolutely no one can access its contents (neither the images nor the associated text). And this is a good option, since it allows not to lose the work done if by a casual one you want to make it public later.

Steps to archive an Instagram post

If you have made the decision to do this with any of the content in your profile, what you have to do in the application Own for mobile devices is the following (as it is very simple and there is no risk in what has to do with the loss of information):

  • Open the application Instagram you have in your mobile phone
  • Click on icon which represents your account in the lower right of the initial development screen
  • Now click on the image that you want to archive which is what you intend to hide for the public but that you do not want to eliminate completely
  • At the bottom of the new screen you see a three point icon verticals that you should use. In the context menu that appears you must choose the option file. By doing this the contents of your timeline disappear

To access the archived content, you simply have to click on the icon against horizontal lines in your Instagram profile and choose the corresponding option. Here accessing the image you can release it again. As it has been proven, everything is very simple and til.

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