How to choose a good laptop according to HP

Hewlett-Packard presents an infographic to provide consumers with the best decision when purchasing a portable device for personal use. The company explains the elements that must be taken into account when buying this type of technology.

Among the elements to consider include:

Lightness Y sturdiness to transport the equipment from one side to another comfortably, without weighing much and in a way that withstands the blows.

– What personal audio systems with professional quality includes to enjoy the best music quality with the best definition.

– How the temperature and the energy and what heat dissipation systems it includes.

Multimedia communication, since more and more users use this series of devices to communicate, so it is essential that you have a high definition webcam

Easy access to support and maintenance with tools for the equipment to always work.

Multimedia entertainment so that the user is not bored.

– Attractive design. Today the exterior design of the devices has gained great importance and that of the laptops could not be less.

Battery durability so as not to stay in the middle of the movie or online conversation due to lack of energy.

Keyboard and touchpad, the best comfort to be in contact with the team.

– Access security and data protection. The hard drive must have shock protection and encrypt the data.

Wireless connectivity so as not to waste time searching and configuring networks and an competitiveness manager that allows you to always stay connected.

Easy Internet access and to social networks, without complications to enter favorite sites and share what is done on Facebook, Tuenti, YouTube or Twitter.