How to clean a screen – PCWorld

It is not necessary to get an expensive kit to clean the LCD screen. You can remove stains with common products that you have in your home. And this applies to LED screens, since they are simply LCD screens with a different type of backlight.

You need a microfiber cloth. If you wear glasses, your optometrist probably gave you one when you bought the glasses, although you may want a larger one for a large screen. You can buy them for a few euros on various websites, as well as in a photo shop.

Use a dry cloth to gently clean the dirt. If you have any dirt, apply a gentle pressure, but not too much.

If this does not work, use a wet cloth. But how does it get wet and with what? You should not use soap in any case, better a glass cleaner or anything that contains alcohol.

Get a cow spray bottle (like cloth, they are easy and cheap to buy) and fill it with a mixture of distilled water and white vinegar, in approximately equal parts.

Before applying the formula, separate the screen from the power supply. If it's a monitor or a TV, unplug it. If it is a laptop, phone or tablet, turn it on, unplug it and, if possible, remove the battery.

Rock the water / vinegar mixture on the cloth, never on the screen. Then gently clean the screen, as described above.

Wait until the screen is dry before connecting it, reinsert the batteries and start it up.

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