How to improve Google Chromecast connection speed

You may go to a vacation spot where there is no decent WiFi connection, which affects both the browser experience with smartphones and also the use of media players such as Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Well, we show how to solve this.

There are no magic tricks that make the operation of the aforementioned accessories improve your wireless network does not work properly, but it is possible to take measures to prevent this. And, an example of what we say, is to get a accessory which allows you not to have to use WiFi and, therefore, does not depend on the stability of the signal as it uses the ports Ethernet that exist in the router (and, also, in the vast majority of hotel rooms).

Chromecast, your great ally so you don't miss anything on TV this holiday

Practically the speed which Chromecast can work with is double than usual, so be sure that the movies and series you want to watch offer perfect fluidity. That is, before making any decision, you should keep in mind that, apart from this device, it is essential that don't forget the corresponding cable so that if necessary, the adapter can be used without problems.

What does the adapter for Google Chromecast offer

Apart from what was mentioned before, we talk about a device that is compatible with Plug & Play, so that no installation is necessary That is, it connects and ready. In addition, food is acquired through USB, so we talk about a widely used standard and, therefore, can always be used without the slightest problem.

In what has to do with the connection speed, this is located in some 480 Mbps stable, which allows even manage content with 4K quality where appropriate. By the way, as you can see in the image we leave behind this paragraph, the design, without being especially attractive, is that It has the virtue of being small, what makes it possible to take it on a trip are that it takes up a lot of space in the suitcase. And this is not something unimportant, since sometimes things go fairly fair.

Buy in Ethernet adapter for Chromecast

Then we leave the corresponding link on Amazon to get the product and there is additional good news: this device, which is compatible with Chromecast and Fire TV Sitck, for example, it is not especially expensive since it can be obtained for only 15.95 euros and, in addition, it is prime part, which ensures a quick reception almost anywhere.

Buy UGREEN RJ45 Micro USB to Ethernet Cable

The best accessories for Google Chromecast when you travel